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Here Are The 100+ Women-Owned Businesses That Made It On ‘Shark Tank’

Shark Tank is a hit show that has been building entrepreneurs since its inception in 2009. There have been many inventions and companies that were a sensation on the show and some that simply could not sustain after funding. We’ve rounded up all of the product and service ideas that were created and pitched by women to help give you some guidance around what ideas are viewed as profitable by high-level investors. We also did some analysis and captured some key trends about the 145 female-owned businesses that appeared on Shark Tank:

  • The products and services on Shark Tank pitched by women that received the most investment deals were in the food, fashion, and baby/children category.
  • There were not a lot of tech ideas pitched by women on the show; only 1 of the 7 tech ideas created by women in the show’s seven-season span was invested in.
  • 80% of smart toy ideas received an investment deal on the show.
  • Only 2% of the businesses on the list were fitness focused.
  • Female founders ranged in age; everyone from a 10-year-old lemonade maker to two grandmothers that founded a diabetic candy company appeared on the show.
  • No wedding ideas pitched by a female founder(s) has ever received an investment deal on the show.

Some companies are no longer up and running and hence not linked to below.

Season 1 (Aired 2009 – 2010) 

Source: Abcnews.com

Source: Abcnews.com

Lipstix ReMix by Jill Quillin 

Lipstix ReMix is the ultimate lipstick renewal system. For women who are constantly buying lipstick and throwing them away once it reaches its limit, Jill Quillin has given us the ultimate lipstick saver. Its easy, and most importantly, affordable and allows you to create a brand new lipstick out of your scraps! Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Chef In Black, Inc. by Dorene Humason

Chef In Black is a company that produces a dried Chinese salad dressing in a seasoned packet. It is currently in some grocery stores.  Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Gayla Bentley Fashion By Gayla Bentley

Gayla Bentley Fashion self-titled line created by Gayla Bentley to serve a niche that was not being served. Her fashion line solely caters to women who are a size 12 or over. She has changed many people’s views that plus size women can’t be fashionistas! Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Treasure Chest Pets by Lisa Lloyd

Treasure Chest pets was a company that created organizers shaped as a stuffed toy for children. The product is no longer being made. Lisa Lloyd currently works as an Independent Licensing Consultant for Invent Help. She also has her own website, ICanInvent, where she gives advice on the business of inventing. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Grill Charms by Leslie Haywood

Leslie Haywood created Grill Charms in order to help identify different cooking varieties of various foods on the grill. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Boogie Box by Dede Barbanti and Kathy Lamm

Boogie Box is a line of aerobic fitness programs. The two ladies teach classes and created DVD’s that are intended to get you off your ass. Although their pitch didn’t go too well, Boogie Box has been featured on several news stations as well as the Dr. Oz show. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Kalyx Technologies by Kimberly Cayce

Kaylx was an activity specific and environmentally friendly line of sports bras. Exercise induced breast pain is a real thing, people. Her line of sports bras were meant to be fashionable on top of providing undeniable support. However, her pitch to the sharks didn’t go too well! Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Face Blok by Irina Blok

Face Blok is a line of stylish face masks that come in many different designs. It was developed by creative director, Irina Blok. She is most known for creating the Google Android logo. She didn’t have much success on the show but she has succeeded tremendously since making her appearance in 2009. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Cover Play by Amy Feldman and Allison Costa

Cover Play offers slip covers for baby play areas that provide a safe and clean environment for them while they are playing. The two ladies were very successful on the show and are still creating today! Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Turbo Baster by Marian Cruz

Marion Cruz created the perfect cooking device called the Turbo Baster. While there is not much to be found when looking up this product today, it doesn’t hurt to mention the huge success she had while on the show! Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Stress Free Kids by Lori Lite 

Lori Lite developed a line of books that helped children relieve stress. She had practice with her own son who she claims was hyperactive. Before coming on the show, Lite had already sold 30,000 in the past year. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Sticky Note Holder (Attach Noted) by Mary Ellen Simonson

Do you ever get tired of losing sticky notes? Well Mary Ellen Simonson created the Sticky Note Holder that keeps all of your sticky notes together and in one convenient area. How clever is that? Unfortunately, the judges didn’t think so. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

A Perfect Pear by Susan Knapp

With a passion for cooking, Susan Knapp realized that there was a demand for pear products. In the 90’s she began to create pear products, including her cinnamon Pear Jelly. She brought samples for the judges to the Shark Tank and they absolutely loved it! Little is known about where the product is today, but it was a hit on the show! Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Ava the Elephant by Tiffany Krumins

Previously known as Emmy the Elephant during the show, Tiffany Krumins created a plastic elephant that hides medicine in its trunk. It is genius, and sneaky, way to get your babies to take vital medicines that they really need. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Season 2 (Aired 2011) 


Samsun Martin by Kim Preis  

Kim Preis developed a t-shirt line of clothing for pregnant women that displayed the gender and due date of each woman. Unfortunately, it did not take too well with the judges, they weren’t interested. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

One Sole Shoes by Dominique McClain Barteet

Dominique’s idea to create a plethora of shoes in one came when she went out to buy three shoes in one color. She thought to herself, “Why buy three shoes when I can create a shoe that changes tops to provide a different design?” Her design went over well with the sharks on Shark Tank. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

CitiKitty by Rebecca Rescate

Rebecca Rescate created a toileting system that teaches your kitty how to use the toilet – because who has time to clean up cat litter when you’re a BAUCE? We’ll wait…. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Original Runner by Julie Goldman

With over a million dollars worth of aisle runners sold, Julie Goldman thought she would have a shot at one of the sharks investing into her company. Too bad things didn’t go too well for her on the show, but she has still had success in running the Original Runner Company. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Hot Mama Gowns by Diedrea Haysel

Hot Mama Gowns are an alternative to the generic hospital gowns we see at most hospitals. For all of you hot mamas out there, have no fear! Diedrea Haysel ended up receiving an offer from Barbara Corcoran, who wanted her to compromise the sizing of the gowns. Haysel was not willing to, she held strong to wanting to accommodate every body type. Though she did well for a while on her own, Hot Mama Gowns is no longer being sold but there are plenty alternatives if you do a little digging on Amazon. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Daisy Cakes by Kim Nelson

Daisy Cakes started in Pauline, South Carolina. Kim Nelson created homemade cakes and sold them to people in town. She was inspired to make her company bigger and better. With a beautiful pitch, Nelson got Barbara Corcoran to invest on her dreams. The road at first was a little bumpy, but Daisy Cakes is still going strong! Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Thin Gloss by April Morris

Thin Gloss is an affordable lip gloss for women that allegedly helps to curb your appetite and lose weight. In season two, April Morris tried her best to pitch her product the sharks on Shark Tank. However, no one bit the bait. They had many questions about FDA issues and the safety of the product. In 2012, April Morris discontinued her product. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Fridge Fronts by Jan Augenstein  

Fridge Fronts are designed to give your low-end kitchen some high-end design with applicable covers that can be applied to the front of your refrigerator. Fridge Fronts came in a variety of different styles. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Mod Mom Furniture by Kiersten Hathcock

Mod Mom Furniture creates modernized children toy boxes. Originally all products were created by Hathcock herself who left her corporate career to build a business via carpentry. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Flipoutz by Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson and her three children came up with the bright idea to make a silicon bracelet with compartments to hold up to five different coins. The coins were decorated with motivational words, phrases, pictures and design. According to the Flipoutz Facebook site, the company was sold. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

T0yGaroo by Nikki Pope 

ToyGaroo was a company that allowed parents to exchange their children’s toys once they grew tired of playing with them. It is no longer in business. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Tippi Toes by Megan Reilly and Sarah Nuse

Tippi Toes is a children’s dance lesson franchise created by two women. Tippi Toes is still alive today and flourishing. They have expanded with several franchises across the United States. Mark Cuban backed the company. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Season 3 (Aired 2012) 


Wild Squirrel Nut Butter by Erika Welsh and Keely Tillotson

This peanut butter was created by two college students  and was a hit with the sharks, particularly Barbara Corcoran. They eventually changed their name to Wild Friends Foods and released more products under the brand. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

TriMi Tank by Nicole Bilsky and Lindsay Johnson

TriMi Tanks are tank tops that come with interchangeable removable straps. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Nail Pak by Barbara Lampugnale

Nail Pak was a nail system that came with a polish, file and remover. It comes with pads as well. Nail Pak sold in CVS for a while before shutting down. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Blondie’s Cookies by Brenda “Blondie” Coffman

Blondie’s Cookies are cookies that are handcrafted. At the end of the night, they donate the leftover cookies to non-profit organizations. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

GoGo Gear by Arlene Battishill and Desiree Estrada

This company was developed by two women. GoGo Gear creates stylish protective clothing for motorcycles and scooters. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Litter Jewelry by Rachel Mann and Mackenzie Burdick

Litter Jewelry is a line of Jewelry started by two friends. Litter Jewelry creates body jewelry. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

The Painted Pretzel by Raven Thomas

The Painted Pretzel is a treat company that makes several different varieties of chocolate covered pretzels. They come with sprinkles, dark chocolate, white chocolate and plenty more. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

M3 Girl Designs by Maddie, Margot and Diane Bradshaw

A mother and her two young daughters came up with the idea of a jewelry line for girls. They created Snap Caps where they use bottle caps and draw cute designs on the inside. M3 Girl Designs are no longer making jewelry but there are many dupes on Amazon and Etsy. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Ledge Pillow by Amanda Schlechter

The Ledge Pillow was a product meant to help larger-busted women. The pillow was slightly angled to alleviate some of the pain women may have being bigger breasted. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

The Swilt by Ivori Tennelle

The Swilt is a quilt and a sweater put into one. This product is great for outside activities such as camping. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Show No by Shelly Ehler

A mother of two boys struggled to find a way to help their sons get changed while swimming. Thus, she created the “Show No”, which is basically a towel with a whole cut  in the middle. It guarantees nothing will show. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Puppy Cake by Kelly Chaney

Puppy Cake is exactly that — a box cake that you can make for your dog. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

You Smell Soap by Megan Cummins

This soap company was created by Megan Cummins while she was in college. After handing them out to some of her girlfriends, small businesses started asking to sell the product in their stores. This product is currently not being sold any longer. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

My Wonderful Life by Nancy Bush and Sue Kruskopf

With over 10,000 members at the time the showed aired, My Wonderful Life was a site that helped hopefuls plan their wedding. They are based in Minnesota. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Season 4 (Aired 2012 – 2013) 


Stella Valle by Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung

These two military ladies make jewelry inspired by their unique background. By the time the show aired, they were already selling at Bloomingdales. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Three Day Rule by Val Brennan

Three Day Rule is an invite-only matchmaking website. The site allows men and women to work with a matchmaker to find their perfect match! Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

KaZAM by Mary Beth Lugo

The KaZAM is a small frame bike, that helps teach kids to ride a bike. It’s made to help the child learn balance and momentum before pedaling. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Baby’s Badass Burgers by Erica Cohen and Lori Barbera

Baby’s Badass Burgers is a mobile food company started by two badass women. They came to the Shark Tank in hopes of opening up their first storefront business. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Mee-Ma’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick by Carol Foster

Gumbo Brick was an old family recipe that Carol Foster started to make bank on in 2007. Gumbo Brick is block of frozen gumbo, all you have to add is sausage and shrimp. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Wicked Good Cupcakes by Tracey Noonan and Danielle Desroches

These cupcakes come in jars and allow you to eat them on the go. They come in a variety of flavors. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Simple Sugars by Lani Lazzari

Simple Sugars is a natural sugar scrub that exfoliates and nourishes the skin. It is gentle enough for daily use. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Jeska Shoe Company by Jessica Haynes

This company creates heels for women that go from heel to wedge in no time. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Psi Bands by Romy Taormina

This wristband helps with nausea by providing slight acupuncture. They are stylish, adjustable and waterproof (something other brands are not). Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Hip Chixs by  Megan Jackson Carreker and Aimee Miller

These denim jeans promise to fit every curve of your body. They also promise that you wont have to wash them after every single use because they revert back to its original shape in only five minutes! Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Addison’s Wonderland by Brooke Bryant and Brittany Haynes

Addison’s Wonderland is a company that creates customized children’s bedspreads. The owners background in interior design helped to make this product happen. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Pretty Padded Room by Bea Arthur

This online counseling service, which eventually changed their name to In Your Corner, promised to help with stress management, career and relationship counseling. They have a selection of professionals willing to help you with your needs. This company is no longer in business. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Gotta Have S’More by Carmen Lindner

These muffins are s’more based. They come in many different flavors. This company is still up and running today. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

The Green Garmento by Jennie Nigrosh

Green Garmento is a dry cleaning garment bag. It can be used for dry cleaning, storage and laundry. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Teddy Needs by Nicole Townsend

Teddy Needs a Bath is a system that allows you to wash your child’s and/or pet’s stuffed animals.  Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Hot Tot by Megan Gage 

This is a hair system for children that you can use all over their body. Their products include cleansers, shampoos, styling gels, and conditioners. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Fat Ass Fudge by Donna McCue

This is a homemade fudge company. They make many different tasty treats. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

The Coop by Lucinda Lent and Juliet Boydstun  

This party place for children is a franchise started by two women. It’s a clean, fun, and safe place to bring your child to have fun! Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Nearly Newlywed by Jackie Courtney

Nearly Newlywed is a bridal boutique that buys, rents and sells bridal dresses online. Dresses are readily available for women actively looking for a dress. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Ice Chips Candy by Bev Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary

Ice Chips Candy is a healthy form of candy made out of xylitol which is great for your teeth and for diabetics. They are handcrafted right here in the U.S. These candies are made for adults and children. Both Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban showed interest in investing in the ladies, who are better known as “two grannies in a garage”.  Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Cool Wazoo by Ginelle Mills

The Cool Wazoo offers you five things in one. You get a baby changing pad with the capabilities to turn into a swing insert, car shade, high chair cover, as well as a shopping cart cover. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Shemie by Shelton Wilder

The Shemie slip is a tank top that comes in four different colors. These are meant to be your go-to undergarment cover-ups. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Spatty by Cheryl Rigdon

Spatty’s was a small company before Shark Tank. The product is designed to clean your kitchen containers. It can also be used to scrape out the last remnants of food in bottles or makeup from containers. Although it did not get a deal, the product grew in sales after appearing on the show. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Cozy Bug by Aly Lessor

Cozy Bug is a line of pillow case dresses that you can customize and design yourself online. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

eCreamery by Abby Jordan and Becky App

This is an online ice cream company makes personalized ice cream and gelato requests. It also lets the customer create the name of their desired ice cream as well. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Buggy Beds by Maria Curcio and Veronica Periongo

This trap attracts and detects bed bugs. The adhesive makes it hard for the bed bugs to move once coming in contact with it. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Season Five (Aired 2013 – 2014) 


Bzbox by Kaeya Majmundar

The Bzbox had the potential to change the packaging industry. College senior, Kaeya Majmundar, came up with this collapsible storage box. After the show, Lori became more of a mentor than an investor. The company currently does not have a website up. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.   

Foot Fairy by Sylvie Shapiro and Nicole Brooks

The Foot Fairy is an app that allows you to measure your child’s foot and order their shoes online. Mark Cuban invested in the app. This company does not have a website. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Bon Affair by Jayla Sicilliano

The Bon Affair is a wine spritzer. It spikes your wine with soda water and helps prevent hangovers the next day. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Susty Party by Jessica Holsy and Emily Doubilet

The Susty Party products provide eco-friendly party supplies. It was started by two friends, one being an environmentalist. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Fort Magic by Erika Pope

Fort Magic is a construction toy for your children. It is easy to build so your children can assembly it themselves. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Hold Your Haunches by Erin Bickley & Jenny Greer

These are no ordinary leggings. Hold Your Haunches hides all of the things you don’t want to be seen, especially those love handles. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.   

Monkey Mat by Christie Barany & Courtney Turich 

This mat is portable! It allows you to travel anywhere with your kids and let them play on a clean surface. The Monkey Mat is meant to be used outdoors.  Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban fell in love with the product. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.   

Buzzy4Shots by Dr. Amy Baxter

Amy Baxter is a doctor who often works with children. She realized not long into her practice that using vibration to numb the skin can help with shots so they are less painful. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.   

ZipIt by Hayley Carr & Jennifer MacDonald

These comforters are simple and easy to use. It is a fitted bed sheet turned into a sleeping bag that slides on your children’s bed, making it easier to make. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.   

Cheek’d by Lori Cheek

Cheek’d is an online dating service that allows you to give someone a dating card. On one side of the dating card is a pick up line, the other side has your contact information. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Southern Culture Artisan Foods by Erica Barrett

Southern Culture is a pancake and waffle mix company. They also make other specialty mixes. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

The Cookie Dough by Joan Pacetti & Julia Schmid

This cookie dough comes in a jar and is meant to be eaten raw. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Freshly Picked by Susan Peterson

These moccasins are perfect for babies and young children. They come in plenty of different styles so you can dress your baby up for any occasion. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Alaska Glacial Mud Co by Lauren Padawer

This facial mask uses hand harvested raw glacial mineral mud from the Copper River Delta in Alaska. It is pure and exfoliating. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.   

Cashmere Hair by Rachel Bernstein & Melissa Barone

Cashmere Hair is a premium hair company. They provide luxurious remy hair extensions. Bundles anyone? Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.   

FoHawks by Jocelyn Fine & Kelly Dineen

These helmet accessories attach to the top of your child’s helmet. They are meant to add style to your otherwise boring helmet. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

PurseCase by Kelley Coughlan and Jenn Deese

This phone case comes with a strap. It doubles as an over the shoulder bag/phone case. There is a pouch where you could put a credit card, id, cash or maybe a small key. It even comes with a small compact mirror. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Surprise Ride by Donna and Rosy Khalife

This is a company meant to get children off of electronic devices. Surprise Ride is subscription-based and sends out monthly boxes of activities for children. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Slawsa by Julie Busha

Slawsa is a condiment company. They offer a variety of flavors such as original, spicy and garlic. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Schulzies Bread Pudding by Sarah Schulz

This is a bread pudding desert company. They come in several different flavors and have a rich texture. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.   

Ten Thirty One Productions by Melissa Carbone

This company specializes in horror attractions. It’s not only meant for children, but teens and adults. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Veggie Mama Garden Pops by Theresa Fraijo

These are healthy popsicles that contain fruits and veggies. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Bare Ease by Edna Ma, M.D

This underwear numbs the skin in the bikini are so it does not hurt when you get a wax or laser. Her experience in the hospital helped her come up with the product. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.    

RuffleButts and RuggedButts by Amber Schaub

RuffleButts and RuggedButts is a children’s clothing line that was created by a woman who wanted to bring integrity back to online fashion businesses. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Kookn’ Kap by Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan 

We’ve all had that moment when your cooking a meal with strong scents that stays on your clothes or body for hours. In order to keep aromas out of your hair, these two ladies developed a “cooking cap”. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.     

Fairytale Wishes by Debbie Glickman

This is an aroma therapy spray for children. It helps kids get through common childhood anxieties. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.    

Kane & Couture by Amber Lee Forrester

Kane & Couture makes designer dog apparel. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles by Lynnae Schneller and Aly Cullinane

This is a homemade pickle company. These two ladies went on Shark Tank in hopes of getting their grandmas’ pickle recipe put on the market. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.     

Season 6 (Aired 2014 – 2015)


Source: Today.com

Gato Café by Adriana Montano

Enjoy the company of cats while in the Gato Café. You’re able to bring your cats and enjoy meeting new ones. All of the cats at the café will be put up for adoption. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.     

Zoom Interiors by Madeline Fraser, Elizabeth Grover, and Beatrice Fischel-Bock

These ladies will switch up your living space by getting to know you personally. It is very similar to a match-making service, only your being matched with your own personal style. They started a different company with the same premises called Homee. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.    

Paleo Diet Foods by Shauna Sledge

Paleo Diet Foods produce foods that are good for people who are on a paleo diet. It helps you live a healthier lifestyle. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.    

ZinePak by  Kim Kaupe and Brittany Hodak

ZinePak connects you with your favorite entertainer, musician, etc. They send you magazines, CDs, or anything that connects you with your favorites in a more engaging way. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

NeatCheeks by Danielle Stangler and Julia Rossi

NeatCheeks offers flavored face wipes for children. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

PullyPalz Pacifier Keeper by Julie Tabor Thompson

PullyPalz suspends your children’s pacifier from your baby’s car seat. It prevents it from dropping somewhere and getting dirty. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Bee Sweet Lemonade by Mikaila Ulmer

This product was pitched by 10 year-old Mikaila Ulmer. She makes lemonade based off of her grandmother’s recipe. Sincer her appearance on the show, Mikaila’s product has been sold in several large-sized grocery stores and has received praise from many notable publications. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Naja Bras and Underwear by Catalina Girald

This lingerie line that trains and employs single mothers. This company allows women to help other women and makes women feel good about themselves. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Frill Clothing by Sharon Bui

Frill is clothing company that specializes in custom pieces for bridesmaids and sororities. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Boobypack Bra by Christina Conrad

A Boobypack comes with two pockets on the side. It allows you to store your money, phone, credit cards, etc. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

The Lip Bar by Melissa Butler

The Lip Bar will let you create any customized shade. It’s designed for women who want a unique lip shade. The founders are both women of color that used creative and fun names to identify their makeup. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.     

Balm Chicky by Elizabeth Moskow and Abby Schwalb

Balm Chicky is a lip balm. It comes in several different flavors! Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.    

EvREwares by Ellie Brown & Becca Nelson

These girls came up with EvREwares, sticker ties that are reusable. They also don’t leave any sticker residue. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Scratch & Grain Baking Company by Taya Geiger & Leah Tutin

This company offers baking kits that help you make cookies and other baking items. It was started by a mother and her kids. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

TurboPup K9 Energy Bars by Kristina Guerrero

These are pretty self-explanatory! Guerrero created energy bars for dogs. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Skinny Shirt Shapewear  by Julie Kalimian

The Skinny Shirt gives you two shirts in one, without the bulkiness. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Q Flex Acupressure by Andrea Cao

The Q Flex allows you to apply acupuncture to sore muscles for fast pain relief. It helps in reducing pain. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Hoppy Paws Stamp Kit by Trina Barkouras 

Hoppy paws gives your children proof that Santa and all of his reindeer visited your home. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Swag Essentials by Lydia Evans

Swag soaps are moisturizing products for men that help prevent razor bumps. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Magic Cook by Sharon Yu

The magic cook is a container that uses a heated pack to cook your food or liquids. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Heidi Ho by Heidi K. Lovig

Heidi Ho is a dairy-free line of plant based cheese. Great for people who cannot indulge in cheese. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

The Natural Grip by Ashley Drake 

Natural Grip helps you to grip weights without hurting the palms of your hands. It is made from zinc oxide cotton tape. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Myself Belts by Taila Goldfarb

Myself Belts are velcro belts that are meant to make using belts easier for children. The Velcro is easy to connect making it a breeze for children. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

The Caddy Girls by Meghan Tarmey

The Caddy Girls is a company that offers an all-female caddy company that provide golf caddies. There are several Caddy Girl companies at golf courses around the world. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

FunCakes Rental by Kimberly Aya

This company offers fake wedding cakes for your wedding needs. There is seriously a market for everyone. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Heart Pup Dog Carrier by Anastasia Heart

This product is an over-the-shoulder pouch to carry your dog in. It is made out of Italian cashmere. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Coffee Meets Bagel by Soo, Dawoon and Arum Kang

CMB is a dating app created by three sisters. The service allows for daters to create profiles and meet people based on their connections through their social networks. Although some offers were waged, the sisters did not accept, as they valued their company to be at a much higher price point. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Roominate Shark by Alice Brooks & Bettina Chen

This child’s toy teaches children building and engineering skills. It is advertised as an open-ended version of LEGOs. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Season 7 (Aired 2015 – 2016) 

HINK17C / Sarah Ribner(left) and Jess Edelstein (right) are co-founders of PiperWai, an all-natural deodorant that prevents body odor and keeps you dry. Michael Hinkelman / Daily News Staff

Source: Philly.com

PMS Bites by Tania Green 

These snacks claim to be delicious and healthy. Most importantly, they come to your door the week Mother Nature comes to visit you. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Gladiator Lacrosse by Rachel Zietz

This company creates high end clothing for people who play lacrosse. They also produce equipment for the game of lacrosse as well. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.

CreaProducts by Mai Lieu

CreaProducts is a self-hair cutting system. There is also CreaNails to that helps cut your nails as well. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Dollop Gourmet by Heather Saffer

This gourmet food company offers non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan frosting. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

FashionTap by Amy Rolland

Fashion Tap is a social network app that helps companies and people sell fashion and beauty products. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

InchBug by Brenda Lee Feldman

InchBug sells products for children and babies. They include spoons, forks, and bottles. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Wondercide by Laura Alter and Stephanie Boone 

Wondercide prides itself as an organic and effective pesticide remover. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

The Good Promise by Karen Posada

The Good Promise makes portable drinks, particularly for vegetarians. They claim to be great tasting and provides you with one serving of veggies. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Teaspressa by Allison DeVane

Inspired by coffee, DeVane came up with sugar cubes that are actually tea. This company claims to taste so much like coffee, it is hard to tell its tea. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

BetterBack by Katherine Krug

This system claims to support a better posture and give your back some relief. It comes as a strap that wraps around your back and connects to your knees. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.

Rags to Raches by Rachel Nilsson

This children’s clothing line has many different items. They sell children’s rompers, shirts, and pants (amongst many other things). Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

TutuBlue by Sarah Buxton

This one-piece beach suit protects you from the sun and also looks stylish. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Float Baby by Kristi Ison

Float Baby provides water therapy and neonatal massage for your infants. It helps build muscle tone as well as help with digestion. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Bee Free Honee by Melissa Elms and Katie Sanchez

Bee Free Honee is a honey that does not come from bees. Instead, it is a plant-based honey substitute. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

R Riveter by Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley

R Riveter gives jobs to military spouses. The company makes handbags for both men and women. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Major Mom by Angela Cody-Rouget

This residential organizing service helps you organize your home, office and/or garage. The owner and founder is a former major in the military. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.   

ezpz Happy Mats by Lindsey Laurain

These plates double as a food mat as well. They come shaped in a smile and eliminate the possibility of spilling bowls and plates. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Controlled Chaos by Maureen Emerson and Alanna York 

This product is meant for curly haired people. It claims to define and give your curls a nice shine and bounce. The products are also organic. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

PiperWai by  Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribne

PiperWai is a different type of deodorant. It is a charcoal paste that is all natural. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Sarah Oliver Handbags by Sarah Oliver

This handbag line offers clutches, over-the-shoulder handbags, as well as purses. They are hand knit by senior citizens. Got investment deal on Shark Tank.  

Glow Recipe by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang

Glow Recipe is a destination website that introduces people to the latest Korean skincare and beauty products. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

Stem Center USA by Lavanya and Melissa Jawaharlal

This business inspires the next generation of engineers and scientists. Got investment deal on Shark Tank. 

The Skinny Mirror by  Belinda Jasmine

This mirror claims to take off 5-10 pounds from whoever steps in front of it. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank.

Mikki Bey EyeLash by Mikki Bey

This eyelash company gives women eyelash extensions that last up to two weeks. Did not get investment deal on Shark Tank. 


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