Shannon Rice-Muruli: ‘Be the CEO Of You!’

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Imagine what could happen if you were CEO of YOU? That’s exactly the type of mantra that Shannon Rice-Muruli wants you to have when you think about how you shape and uplift yourself as you move towards your dreams. Shannon is the founder of Girlpreneurs World-Wide which she has been running for the past eight months. It is an educational platform and online community that helps young women between the ages of 18 and 35 better lead their personal and professional lives. As our Cover Bauce of the month, Shannon shares how “motivational crap” altered her life, why she believes in the power of self-investment, and what you can do to begin your path towards becoming a life coach.

Bauce: What motivated you to start Girlprenuers Worldwide?

Shannon: Despite carrying the idea around in my head for nearly two years (due to complications from an autoimmune condition similar to Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis) there are so many reasons why I gave birth to Girlpreneurs World-Wide. One of the top two reasons I started this company was to help aspiring young women Girlprenuers understand that the success they are seeking in business or a career starts with how they lead their own lives. The harder they work on themselves (the price) the more success they have in every area of their lives (the reward). And the second reason was because I wanted Girlpreneurs World-Wide to serve as a resource to help eradicate what I call the “LOST EFFECT” which represents lost women with lost dreams. Through personal growth and leadership enhancement young women can thrive regardless of their environment or setbacks.

Bauce: In your “13 Pivotal Moments” bio you talk about getting hooked on “motivational crap”. Why do you think people think inspirational content is nonsense and how did that moment help you in your own personal development?

Shannon: Great question. I think that people cannot embrace what they’ve never experienced. If someone is not working relentlessly on a dream or in pursuit of a vision that is bigger than the resources they have to work with, they may think personal growth, self-help and that “motivational crap” is only for people on the brink of ending their lives. However, for me it has kept me from ending my dream and constantly helps me to “FIRE HER” — that self-sabotaging part of me that tries to convince me to hang on to toxic habits and give up the vision I believe in.

Bauce: Why do you believe persistence is a powerful tool in achieving what you want in life?

Shannon: The Power Of The “P”! Persistence is not the only ingredient needed to obtain success, but it is up there with oxygen. It is essential and almost a requirement to achieve anything in life. So, by all means PERSIST.

Bauce: How do you believe young women should seek to overcome personal failures?

Shannon: I believe young women should do the following to overcome personal failures: Understand that failure is not fatal. Matter of fact, I suggest they do what I learned from who I call my virtual mentor Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx), “FAIL BIG”. Failure is a lesson, and every lesson, regardless how it occurred is an opportunity. Embrace the adversity of a setback. It develops character, a quality far greater than talent.


Bauce: What would you say are the biggest challenges and advantages to running your own business?

Shannon: My challenge has been developing systems for my business and the right people to help me run it. As for advantages, I get to find creative and innovative ways to help young women. And, there is NEVER a dull or boring day

Bauce: How long did it take you to launch Girlprenuers? Did you plan it out for years?

Shannon: Due to some medical setbacks and something like five web developers who left me hanging… it took me two years before I launched. I did plan. However, what I’ve learned is that even with a plan you may end up taking a different route. And, that is okay as long as that route still supports and not detracts from the vision.

Bauce: What is one of the most memorable moments you have working with your organization?

Shannon: We just completed our 1st Fire Her 2013 30 Day Challenge and I tell you it was a lot of work and a lot of joy. A lot of work because it was something I’ve never done and it required a new level of leadership and commitment. However, it was a lot of joy because I witnessed young women identify their toxic habits, set them on fire through daily activities and transform into the women they’ve desired to be for years. Finding my way through difficult situations and helping women step up and take ownership of their lives are moments I will never forget. More importantly, they are moments I live for!

Bauce: What would be your advice to young women who want to get into life-coaching?

Shannon: A few things.

1. You probably won’t be ready, but take action anyway. In fact, amazing opportunities often present themselves way before we think we’re ready.

2. You can figure it out. Resources are everywhere.

3. Make sure you actually LIKE people before you set out to be their life coach.

4. Establish boundaries between you and your clients. You don’t want 20 people calling you before or after business hours. You need time to re-charge so you can be the best you for you and them.

Bauce: How do you define a “Bauce” woman?

Shannon: A woman who is UNAFRAID to frown upon conformity and bold enough to live her life with no limits.

Want more of Girlpreneurs World-Wide? The organization will be hosting a networking event entitled: The Real Girlpreneurs of  DFW ™ (Dallas/Fort Worth) in the summer of 2013. To find out more, visit their website. 


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