5 Things You Should Do To Pump Up Your Self-Care Routine


Put yourself first, honey.

Of late, ‘self-care’ has seemed like a bit of a buzzword. But in reality, it is just a new way of doing things, and one that we should be paying close attention to. With the world demanding so much of our time and energy — from work, family life, social commitments, and even social media — taking time out for ourselves is needed more than ever. It can help you to avoid burnout and help you to be healthier and happier. So here are some things that you can do to practice self-care more and more in your life. Are there any that you’re doing at the moment?

1. Eat Slowly

How many times are we rushing around when we eat? It could be eating a sandwich in the car or munching on our breakfast as we read the news on our phone or scroll on social media. But how many times do you eat and focus only on eating? How many times recently have you focused on how many times you’ve been chewing, for instance? It can just be five minutes, but forcing your focus to the task at hand, and only that, can really help.

2. Schedule Time Out

Taking time out is important. But because we can be so busy, it can be a good idea to schedule in the time. It could be a massage, a facial, going for a run, or taking a nap. Just choose what you will enjoy and what will help you to relax and unwind. If you keep avoiding taking time out, then it can lead to bad habits and ill-health, or worse – stress-induced drinking that could lead to a person ending up in a women’s sober living center. So take the time that you need, starting from today, and focus only on you. What do you enjoy the most that will help you to relax and just “be”?

3. Get Outdoors

Being in nature is a great way to practice self-care as you are enjoying all of the natural goodness of the world. So from just going outside of the office on your break time, to walking in the woods or on the beach, just use the nature that is around you to help it soothe you.

4. Write a Journal

When you write things down, especially things that are weighing on your mind, it can help that weight to feel lifted. It also helps you to be creative, especially if you choose something like a bullet journal. So write down how you feel, your ideas, or your to-do list. It takes things off your mind, reduces your stress, and also helps to release endorphins as you cross things off your list.

5. Be Healthy

When you’re stressed or rushed off your feet, it can be easy to eat bad foods and just grab a takeout. But in order to practice self-care,  treating yourself well and therefore eating well, is part of it all. Plan your meals and make sure your fridge is stocked full of goodness to help you to eat better and feel better. A healthy diet is always hard to begin but once you stick to it, it transforms you in ways you never knew.

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