Run Away With These Runway Beauty Tips

backstage_PFW_ss2012It’s award season here in the states, fashion week in New York City just wrapped up, and the magazine racks at newsstands are bursting with everyone’s 600-plus page spring 2013 fashion spread. We appreciate the beauty that we see in others and we take what we see and make it our own, amping up our own beauty by taking a few pointers from the pros.

Start From The Inside Out. You’ve heard the old adage, “You are what you eat.” Well, it’s true. What you eat reflects the way our bodies look and function. If you want to look and feel well, then eat well. As often as you can, eat fresh unprocessed foods and drink lots of water. Healthy eating is what gives models and you healthy clear skin and strong shiny hair. It’s what keeps them energized so they can get their job done and so you can get yours done too.

Make Maintenance a  Must. Whether it’s your eyebrows, nails, or your bikini line, you’ve got to keep things groomed and kempt. If you’re on a budget, try a beauty school like The Aveda Institute for waxing and nail services. Or, at the beginning of the month go to a professional for treatments, and then maintain them yourself afterwards. Bauce offers several tutorials on how to maintain your eyebrows and your nails between manicures. Models don’t get too busy to maintain their looks and neither should you.

Moisturize,  Moisturize,  Moisturize. You ever notice that dewy glow that models have? It’s because they stay hydrated with H2O. You can have the same glow by using a good moisturizer. When using a moisturizer be sure to choose one that has an SPF of 30 or higher, separate moisturizers for your face and the rest of your body, and use a body butter or cream in the colder months compared to a lotion in the warmer months. Our skin tends to get dryer in colder months compared to warmer months. You can lock in moisture in particularly dry areas of the body like the feet and hands by moisturizing at night and then sleeping with sleep gloves for the hands and socks for the feet. And, don’t forget about your lips. Keep them looking luscious and perfectly kissable by using a good lip balm. Try Burt’s Bees, Bobbi Brown, or Blistex.

backstageLove Your Locks. If you want to have a model’s mane, then you have got to show your locks some love. Everyone’s hair needs are different. Be aware of yours and meet them. Use as little heat as possible, wash regularly, and trim your ends when necessary. Avoid over processing, whether it’s a perm or color, because chemicals hurt the hair and require that much more upkeep. The best way to grow out hair is by simply utilizing styles that let your strands be.

Keep Your Looks Tight and Right. Models rule the runway because they know they are rocking a frock that maximizes their looks. They know that as they are strutting their stuff and that the garment they are wearing fits them perfectly. Well, you are no different. Make sure you are wearing garments that compliment your body (this includes undergarments). Fit is very important. Just like Tyra, Naomi, and Alek wear clothes that fit them, you should only be wearing clothes that complement your body. Fit means no muffin tops, gaping buttons, or looking like you have twice as many breasts as you actually do.  Try clothes on before you purchase them and get a second opinion. Clothes should adorn the body not hide it or over expose it.

Value Without Vanity. Let’s face it.  Celebrities and models have glam squads who are responsible for making them look like a knockout. They have a team of people who are hired to select the best products for their hair and skin and to apply accordingly and to look glam for every waiting camera. While you may not have your own glam squad, you can value your beauty and make investments that will last. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more for a good shampoo, moisturizer, skin primer, heat protector, creamy eye shadow, or mousse blush. That doesn’t make you vain or boujie.  Just like you are what you eat, you get what you pay for.

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