If You Haven’t Road Tripped On Route 66, Then You’re Missing Out

Trade in your same old beach trip for the road trip that will change your life.

When people think of the perfect vacation, their minds usually jump to a white sand beach or an infinity pool with never-ending rounds of cocktails. You’ve probably been there, done that and are trying to think up new ideas that will wow your girl pals when it comes to your next trip. But something that is on many people’s bucket lists (and often gets overlooked) is a route 66 road trip. Famously known for being one of the longest and most scenic roads in the U.S. (it takes at least 2 weeks to drive the entire road!), route 66 is the perfect way to do something out of the ordinary with your girls. If you haven’t considered it before, then this is why you need to strongly consider adding a domestic road trip to your upcoming travel plans.

You’ll get to roam free

Route 66 is one of the most vast and wide spreading roads in the world. It is 2,451 miles long — that’s 2,451 miles of roads for your to explore. Being out on the open road feels so freeing as well. It isn’t like normal driving where you’re pulling your hair out at bad drivers or rush hour traffic. All you need to do is rent an amazing car, get your friends together, and hit the open road. We all know driving can get a little uncomfy at times, so make sure you’re rotating who can drive every hour or so. It also allows the driver to stop and take in some of the breathtaking views you’re going to see. There are some amazing American diners and restaurants dotted along the way as well for some fun casual pit stops.

You’ll get to explore the southwest

One of the best places to stop off along the way is Texas, home to the land of amazing BBQ. If you’re looking for a treat that’s hard to beat, then this is your area. Texas isn’t too expensive to stop in either. There are plenty of affordable hotels around the state that will allow you a great place for exploring. Just take the Best Western Harker Heights and Killeen for example. While you’re in Texas, you need to make sure you go to Houston and check out the space center — there are so many cool exhibitions to look at, and there’s so much history to be explored there. Some of the biggest space explorations shuttles rocketed into the sky from Houston, so seeing some of what went on in those days is amazing.

You’ll see some amazing architecture

This is one of the biggest cities in the U.S., and like Texas, it is home to some really amazing food (deep dish pizza anyone?). But the one thing that draws people to Chicago is the amazing architecture that you’ll see. If you’re seeking out things to look at, then this is the perfect stop for the beginning (or end!) of your trip. Willis Tower should definitely be on your visit list if you are going to wander into this amazing state. The building itself is a historical construction and you will also have the best sights of the city compared to any other location.

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