Risk vs. Regret

To risk or to regret? It’s easy to decide when you put it that way. There are times when it’s better to think before you take a leap of faith (or plunge, whatever floats your boat), to engage in a little risk-taking. Here are some reasons why that healthy risk-taking can benefit you.

It’s okay to take chances.  Risks can define who you are as a person and can help you learn from life experiences. Riding down a steep hill on a bike and crashing into a tree can be a great and painful lesson for you to hit the  brakes next time (hopefully, this hasn’t happened to you). Mistakes are part of life, no matter how much you try to avoid them. In some cases, it may be better to take a chance in order to prevent further mistakes. No matter how much the cliché has been repeated (and repeated), ignorance is not bliss.

Seeking thrills? Your dreams may frighten you. That decision you’re about to make might make you sweat buckets. Giving someone tough love or telling him or her what he or she needs to hear may be  pretty daunting. The rush of adrenaline while treading  unto unknown territory is what alerts you of the risk you are about to take. Still, despite the event’s turnout, that thrilling feeling that can make you take the risk and anticipate the outcome. It is the same feeling that will remember as you reminisce on your brush with fate.

So what will you choose? Risk or regret?

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