13 Tough Stains That You Can Remove From Your Clothes at Home

Every self-made BAUCE woman needs a spotless wardrobe. But sometimes incidents happen and a crisp dress gets ruined by a hard-to-remove spot. Don’t fear!  A good old-fashioned overnight soak will help you get rid of almost all of these stains, but you actually have some household items that you probably didn’t think could be of assistance. Save some coins and keep your threads polished with these recommendations for removing tough stains.

1) Foundation: It’s best to get rid of a foundation stain while it’s still fresh. Dish soap is a gentle yet tough cleanser that breaks down oil and tough stains really well. You can place it right on the spot or soak the entire item with it.

2) Mustard: Try toothpaste! Toothpaste is designed to remove tough stains from your teeth so it’ll definitely work for things like mustard which contains turmeric that produces a bright stain difficult to remove. Give the stain a good rub, rinse and repeat as needed. This will also work with coffee.

3) Oil: Shampoo is also a great stain fighter. Work your shampoo into the stain with either your finger or a small brush, rinse and you’re all done.

4) Lotion: Lotion, just like oil, is greasy so you need a strong agent to combat it. You can do the same thing I just mentioned then follow with a vinegar rinse.

5) Denim Stains: Use a warm damp cloth to dust away the denim mark. If the clothing item is white add chlorine and when in the wash set the water to hot. For colored items add a non-chlorine bleach so they don’t get damaged.

6) Lipstick: This will take a little time to get rid of, but it works. Grab a paper towel and place it under the stain so that it doesn’t transfer to the surface you’re cleaning on or on elsewhere on your item. Pour a small amount of detergent onto the stain then pat it with another paper towel. It’s important that you DO NOT rub because the stain will spread.

7) Pen: Create an alcohol and vinegar solution to apply to the item with a washcloth. Let it soak for 5-10 min then sprinkle some salt on it. Rinse and repeat as needed.

8) Deodorant: Luckily, this type of stain isn’t too difficult to remove. I personally deal with this at least 1-2x a week. I always discover is after I pull and smooth down a dress I chose to wear. The trick here is to immediately splash some water right on the stain. Once it dries it’s like it never happened!

9) Hairspray: Hairspray stains are dry and/or hard so using something similar like a dry shampoo or dry cleaning solvent will help you take it out. Blot the cleaning agent onto the stain with a washcloth or sponge for the best results.

10) Nail Polish: Just as you would remove the nail polish on your nails, use a nail polish remover. This will work for most fabrics, but be gentle because the acetone affects it. Remember to pat not rub. Then proceed with your load of laundry.

11) Permanent Markers: For sturdier fabrics like cotton, use rubbing alcohol. For more sensitive fabrics like satin apply a mixture of vinegar, milk, borax and lemon juice. Bleach will always work on white items.

12) Sweat: Mix baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide until it becomes a thick paste; these ingredients will aid in lifting the stain. While you’re making the paste you should stain soaking in vinegar water. Lay the item on a towel then apply the paste. After that throw it into the washing machine or hand wash it yourself.

13) Dirt: Get a basin or small bucket and pour a small amount of your preferred detergent then let the water run where you poured so it can foam up. If your item is white add bleach to the mixture; if you’re dealing with color just spray a stain remover directly on the stain. Let it sit for at least an hour then proceed with your load or hand wash.

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