The One Thing You Need to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now To Attract More Recruiters

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Securing a job in the 21st century is different from the process our parents used ages ago. Instead of skimming through classified newspaper ads on Sundays, we now have the luxury of the internet to present us with a plethora of opportunities. LinkedIn, an employment-focused social networking tool for professionals, is a critical ground and (what many would argue) a must-have when it comes to learning about new job opportunities. In-house HR teams and recruitment agencies will attest that LinkedIn is a lifeline for finding new talent.

But with more than 467 million profiles on the platform, it may feel hard to stand out among a chosen few. Don’t fear BAUCES!  We spoke with Jasmine Jenkins, VP of Freelance Retail and Events at 24 Seven Talent, to get the deets on how you can stop chasing jobs and get more recruiters to send opportunities to you. She also shares the one thing that shouldn’t have on your LinkedIn profile if you want to get more attention from recruiters.

1. How valuable is someone’s LinkedIn Profile to recruiters?

Technology plays a huge part in the recruitment process. Having a strong LinkedIn profile helps recruiters match candidates for potential opportunities. I recommend completing your profile to 100% and including a professional photo.  It’s also important to include keywords relative to your career and industry.

2. What do recruiters look for when searching for ideal candidates for a role?   

Recruiters are looking for candidates that have the skills and experience necessary for the position. They are also looking for any added value that makes this candidate exceptionally great. The average recruiter spends six seconds reviewing a resume. That’s why it’s important to be meaningful and make an impression.

3. What are huge NO-NOs for a LinkedIn Profile? What should never be listed on a LinkedIn page? 

Using an inappropriate photo would definitely cause a red flag.  It’s also important to be authentic and honest. Most recruiters and employers do reference checks, so make sure your profile reflects your true work history.

4. What is the best way to approach a recruiter on LinkedIn? Are there any formulas or messages that can get a recruiter’s attention?

Most recruiters are receptive to LinkedIn queries from candidates. When reaching out to a recruiter, ensure the recruiter places candidates within your desired job industry. In your message, be professional and concise. Explain the purpose of your message and what you’re seeking.  You can also use this time to call out certain skills, experience, and career goals. Keep the message short and to the point.

Often, it will lead to an exchange and the recruiter can direct you to potential opportunities. You can also ask for a phone interview or in-person meeting. It will help the recruiter develop a relationship with you and understand your work personality. And always remember to stay in contact with your recruiter even if there isn’t a job currently available, an opportunity may arise in the future.

5. Is it okay to connect with recruiters that you don’t know on LinkedIn?

Sometimes reaching out to new recruiters may be challenging or difficult if you do not have a linked connection. Interacting with groups, postings, and comments can get you the introduction needed to meet the right recruiter.

6. Is it appropriate to send an unsolicited resume to a recruiter?  

Many recruitment agencies receive a high volume of applicants and resumes. If you are sending your resume to a recruiter, you want to ensure that it’s for a valid position. Of course, there are some exceptions, but just sending your resume into a black hole may not always get the results you want.

7. Does having an online website or portfolio matter to recruiters? 

For many positions in the creative and the technical space, it’s definitely important to have a portfolio to showcase your work and capabilities. It has become the expectation, even for some entry-level positions, for candidates to showcase their technical skills.

As for a website, there are service platforms like Wix and  Squarespace that are simple, user-friendly, and a favorite for those in photography, design, and other creative fields. It’s not mandatory, but a website can help candidates market themselves to recruiters and potential employers.

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