These 25 Companies Have The Most Remote Job Opportunities Right Now

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Everybody fancies to have a home-based job. It has many benefits: you don’t need to commute, you have a better balance between work and life, and you are able to spend more time with your family and friends. Now a new phenomenon is sweeping the job market that you can work remotely from anywhere in the world, and not necessarily from your home. This can be the best prospect: while you are traveling to your favorite places, you are doing your work and earning money at the same time.

FlexJobs has identified the top 25 companies that posted maximum remote job listings for work that can be done from anywhere in the world and offering a flexible schedule.

In an annual survey, FlexJobs — an online service in the field of telecommuting, part-time and flexible jobs — travel is one of the most important reasons why people work at all, especially women. The prospect of growing your career while you travel makes the appeal of work from anywhere jobs.

Remote or work-from-anywhere jobs allows the professionals to have better control over their work life by choosing to be there where they want to be, says at FlexJobs’ senior career specialist Brie Reynolds. This newly found control works well with people who wish to work and travel at the same time. It makes both the employer and the employees happier and more productive. It can also spur loyalty from professionals to their companies because they would appreciate the value of the opportunity to live and work wherever they choose on a flexible schedule, he adds.

The Flexjobs study shows that only 5% of remote jobs actually qualify to be done from done from anywhere in the world, while the number of job listings in the work-from-anywhere-in-the-world category has increased 53% in last two years. Technology has been a great contributor in its rise.

With high internet speed and remote-friendly technology, it’s far easier for remote workers to stay in touch with the companies for work no matter where they are located, says founder and CEO of FlexJobs Sara Sutton.

The FlexJobs list of 25 companies that provide maximum remote jobs represent different domains and industries such as media, HR and staffing, computer and IT, editing and marketing and education and training. And some of the most popular roles offered for work-from-anywhere jobs include front-end developer, project manager, user experience designer, content writer, customer service, online English teacher and human resources generalist.

But, there are endless possibilities for work-from-anywhere employees. Here is the list of top 25 companies who offered most work-from-anywhere jobs:

Cactus: A communication solutions company, specializes in device companies, pharmaceutical and academia

Appen: A technology services provider, active in a range of industries, uses human-annotated data

Landi English: An e-learning service provider, it blends internet technology with educational resources available globally An online platform where employers can catch up with professionals and hire them. It works in the mobile and web sectors

Wikimedia Foundation: Dedicated to promoting multilingual content, this a nonprofit organization tries to foster its growth, development and free distribution.

Xapo: A financial company with special focus on providing services related to Bitcoin

Auth0: An identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) company that serves companies across diverse sectors in more than 70 countries

Clevertech: An IT services company that provides customized technology solutions

Toptal: A marketplace for job seekers that links freelancers with startups and business firms in Silicon Valley and elsewhere

MonetizeMore: Offers technology to increase ad revenue from website-monetization An online company, earlier known as Education Portal, that brings tuition-free college to its community

Enago: An English language editing service provider for authors who speak English as the second language

DataStax: A computer software company

Modus Create: A design and development company tht works for optimizing user experiences on a number of devices

Automattic: Considers remote work as an integral part of its web development business

Trafilea: A marketing and advertising firm that specializes in disruptive e-commerce and data-driven strategies. It helps create global online brands with customers at its centre

United Nations Development Programme: An international network that works on bringing change in developing countries

Student Loan Hero: A company that works with college graduates and tries to educate and empower them about matters related to student loans Offers search solutions which can be employed to explore and analyze data differently

Missional University: An online higher education institution that trains students for various Christian missionary works and to become grassroots leaders

Unbabel: A human translation platform powered by artificial intelligence

GitHub: A community of programmers with a publishing and social media platform as well as an open-source code-hosting website

Aeolus Robotics: A company that works on creating and marketing of first generation household robot assistants

Status Research & Development: Offers a discovery tool for making secure payments, browsing and chatting on the Ethereum Network

Time Doctor: A powerful provider software related to productivity and time-tracking monitoring .

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