The Relationship Recipe

In every relationship (whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship), there are always obstacles to get over, problems to solve, and sticky situations that need to be fixed – and quick. In order to ride these storms as smoothly as possible, there are some things that are necessary to build, develop, and nurture a relationship with that close friend or loved one.

You will need:

1. RESPECT. If there is no respect for each other, there isn’t a point of continuing the relationship. No one is better than the other, and all parties should be considered equal. Whether he or she has a thought or opinion to share, that person has the right to share it, without the fear of being completely shut down. That person should know their true worth to you. Your friend/significant other is just as valuable as you are.

2. TRUST. It is one of the most important components of a relationship and it is the most fragile element as well. Someone’s trust should be taken care of and definitely not taken for granted. With trust, a person can feel more open to show parts of himself or herself that he or she would not normally share with someone else. Trust builds a bond that can make a relationship with a friend/partner hard to break, come what may.

3. COMMUNICATION. You may have heard this before, but it is really true: “Communication is key!” You can get to know a person and understand him or her better by just communicating. It is what you use to let someone know that something is wrong. People fail to realize that a relationship can possibly be saved if both parties communicate. All of the needless drama that people go through happen often because of the lack of communication. Problems can lead to dilemmas that lead to crises because people fail to say something.  It may take a lot to tell someone how you feel. Yet, no matter how that person responds to what you express to him or her, it is a huge step forward toward getting back on track to the good times. Listen a little more and say what you need to say.

4. COMPROMISE. Not everyone wants to sail on your boat or catch your train. All relationships come with disagreements, and with respect, you will be more willing to compromise with your platonic or romantic friend. You may not be into everything he or she likes, but most of the time, it may also be the same case for the other person. Your hobbies and/or character traits may be different, but that shouldn’t steer you towards seeing things your way (and only your way) every single time. To maintain a healthy and successful relationship, both parties must give up some things to make the other person happy. If you are willing to compromise, your lover or friend should be more than willing to do the same for you, too. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

5. LOYALTY. It is the second cousin of trust. You and your friend/significant other should have each other’s backs, no matter what. People appreciate a “ride-or-die” relationship; it is another main component that builds and keeps a strong foundation in friendships and/or romantic relationships. Those who are still around when you have nothing to give or when your hey-day is a long way off? Those are the loyal one. Those who tell you the truth about yourself and still stick around to help you grow? Loyal as well. A true friend or partner to turn to in times of need is rare and precious.

This a basic recipe for making great relationships that withstand the things that can bog them down. Use as much as needed.

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