Ready To Quit? What To Do When You Are Burned Out At Work

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Don’t let work ruin your life.

Are you one of those people suffering from mood swings, apathy, and trouble concentrating? Have you lost interest in your once-favorite job? If you’ve started noticing any of the aforementioned symptoms, there is a possibility that you have burned yourself out, in particular, at the workplace. Burnout doesn’t go away on its own. It can also cause serious mental and physical troubles.

Emotional burnout typically occurs with workaholics, people who occupy non-relevant professions or positions in a team, and “overstayed” specialists because their career advancement is impossible due to certain circumstances. Burnout can also occur with “emotional” professions that are associated with constant stress, like doctors, teachers, psychologists, firefighters, social workers, and so on.

Workaholics are incredibly passionate about their activities. They are ready to take someone else’s work and responsibility, work overtime, and perform urgent tasks. After some time, such activity transfers into indifference to one’s duties. They start feeling emotional and physical exhaustion. In ordinary life, it transmits into stress, aggressive attitude toward relatives and irritability that might later lead to burnout.

“Overstayed” or overqualified specialists are engaged in the same mechanism of burnout because they also lose their professional motivation. The inability to advance the career underestimates self-esteem. The cause of burnout may also be the lack of periodic financial incentives.

According to academic college application essay writers, in 1974, American psychiatrist Herbert Freudenberger was the first person who started talking about “emotional burnout”. He investigated this phenomenon and created a concept that explains the reasons for this state. The development of the syndrome of emotional burnout takes place in several stages. Initially, a person is worth determining that he or she can implement them. A person shows good results of the work done, devotes all his time to professional activity, forgetting about family, friends, hobbies. There is a change in the value system. Man puts work first, at the expense of full nutrition, sleep and rest. Together with fatigue, there is a feeling of inner emptiness that you want to fill with something.

If you recognize yourself in one of these types of yourself, obey the following steps, try to change your attitude towards work, to return to the “order” of what once was your old life.

Talk with a psychologist

In most cases, after graduating from school, young adults choose a profession intuitively or according to the advice of their parents. In college, students are only required to attend classes and show activity in class. No one compares the temperament or the structure of the personality with the chosen specialty. And when a real person initially collides with real work, he or she can experience either a feeling of euphoria or shock. This real person starts to do a real, but, for example, unloved work. Daily stress, and as a consequence – occupational burnout.

Your suffering is unnecessary. If you are in doubt whether your position suits you – talk to the psychologist. A deep psychological analysis of your personality will help determine the sphere that will be most comfortable for you, and your work will be more effective.

No victims sacrificed

Contact your colleagues for help. Do not act like a perfectionist, do not try to be the best. Learn to switch between activities. When planning a week, try to make realistic forecasts and give a real assessment of your capabilities (do not tell yourself, telling the boss that you will do an hour work for which you need a week).

Choose a comfortable workplace

Even such a fact that your working place is in the open space can morally oppress a person because he or she is constantly in sight. If you understand that you cannot work in that type of condition, talk to your managers. If the head of your department does not agree with the job change, seriously think about the new team. Uncomfortable working conditions entail professional burnout.

Take some time out

Always find time for a rest at the end of the working day. You must have two days off. Do not miss the opportunity to change the situation and take an annual compulsory vacation.

Attend fashionable parties. At these parties, experts from different areas just relax, have fun, and exchange business cards for establishing useful contacts. These activities help to relax in the circle of people understanding you, make new acquaintances, get useful information in your work, new experience. This is “fresh blood”, which will not let it stagnate in its field of activity.

Take care of yourself and work in pleasure!

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Emma Rundle is an American writer and blogger. Among the diversity of the topics, she usually writes about different psychological issues and problems of modern people. Emma is 37 years old and she is the author of the Opportunities Land Project, which helps young and gifted people to promote their startups and projects.

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