Rant: On Friendliness In Public

By Marisa Hezekiah

Remember a time when people used to be friendly in public? Do you remember when others would ask, “hi, how are you?” because they genuinely cared about how you were instead of the fact that it’s part of their training at work to ask how you are doing before performing a service for you. I don’t remember those times.

Why is it that nobody greets anyone anymore? That nobody smiles at someone to make another’s day? What happened to friendly people and sincere kindness? Are people just too busy or are they just afraid to be nice to a stranger?

Being kind is such a simple thing. Can’t anyone just hold the door for another? Or if they see someone alone, would it hurt to have some kind of courtesy to ask someone to join them? Maybe, it is all a person needs to feel good for the day. It isn’t that hard.

Why is it that we spend so much excess money on things we don’t need, but can’t give the homeless a dollar to get a meal? Are we afraid?

Isn’t it time that we turn it around? I think so. What do you all think?

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