Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Motorcycle


Personal transportation is a big part of many people’s lives. The vehicles we choose to buy grant us a lot of freedom, allowing us not just to get back and forth to work and take care of other daily responsibilities, but also letting us travel more easily to visit friends and family or simply see more of our local areas, and when choosing what kind of vehicle to own, many people hesitate.

Cars are, of course, the most popular choice in the US and countless other parts of the world, offering relative comfort, safety, and practicality, while coming in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and models to suit people of all tastes and situations, from growing families to solo drivers looking for a small and affordable option for their big-city lifestyles.

However, while cars are still very popular and will surely remain so, an increasing number of Americans are choosing to buy and ride motorcycles too. Motorcycles offer a totally different travel experience, with many owners and enthusiasts commenting on the thrill and fun that motorcycles can offer, along with their other advantages in areas like practicality and affordability.

It’s true that motorcycles have their benefits, but they also come with some downsides, and many people are fearful of motorcycle ownership after hearing reports of riders suffering brain injuries and being more likely to get into accidents. To help you decide whether or not a motorcycle is a right vehicle, here are some arguments on both sides.

The Pros


One of the best benefits of motorcycles is that they’re simply cheaper, on average, in every possible way. They’re usually cheaper to buy than other vehicles, cheaper to run as they usually use less fuel, and cheaper to insure too. Of course, the actual amounts of savings you make will depend on your own driving habits and the make and model you buy, but, pound for pound, bikes are among the most affordable vehicle options.

More Practical

For many people, motorcycles are seen as a more practical and convenient option too. On the roads, they’re highly maneuverable, able to weave in and out of traffic and get around more quickly and comfortably in busy situations. They’re easier to park too, and even off the road, motorcycles tend to be easier to maintain, saving you yet more money, time, and effort.


If you speak to a lot of motorcycle owners and enthusiasts about why they love motorcycles so much, many will respond by talking about the actual experience of riding a bike, as opposed to driving a car. For many people, the real advantage of motorcycles is the sensation they can provide – a feeling of excitement, adventure, and freedom that has to be felt to be truly understood.

The Cons

Safety Issues

On the downside, it’s clear to see that motorcycles are simply, in most ways, not as safe as other vehicles. They’re smaller and lighter, meaning that they often come off second best in crashes and collisions, and they have fewer forms of safety technology like airbags and systems to protect riders. For these reasons, motorcycle riders are usually at a much higher risk of ending up in accidents and suffering severe injuries in the process.


For some people, motorcycles simply aren’t a viable choice from a logistical point of view. If you’re part of a family, for example, bikes aren’t going to make it very easy to get around together, take the kids to school, and so on. Their small size and safety risks can really reduce their worth for a lot of different users. What’s more, motorcycles are more at risk when it comes to the weather, and trying to ride in rain or snow can be very difficult and dangerous too.

Theft Risk

Another issue regarding motorcycles that often gets overlooked but is worth noting is the fact that they actually represent a bigger and better target for thieves and criminals than cars. Cars have locks to crack, windows to break, and anti-theft technology to keep them in place, as well as being much bigger and harder to simply drive away. Bikes, on the other hand, are a lot easier for thieves to steal.

Final Word

Motorcycles, like other kinds of vehicles, clearly have their advantages and their drawbacks. It’s important for anyone considering a motorcycle to look at both sides of the coin and understand both the pros and the cons listed above in order to make an educated decision.

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