Here’s How To Prevent Your Makeup From Messing Up On A Date

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Maybe oily skin or lipstick all over your teeth aren’t fatal dating mistakes, but it doesn’t mean we should let them be. There’s nothing more embarrassing than feeling super conscious about how your face or makeup looks while you’re on a date. Trying to hide it in an obvious manner only draws more attention to the issue — so what should you do? Keep reading to uncover some clever tips on how to avoid major makeup flaws that might turn off your date.

Problem 1: Wiped off lipstick

Not every lipstick can survive a long, romantic dinner date. If you prefer classic crème texture, you’ll probably eat off your lipstick with the first meal. Usually, all that’s left on the lips after that is bits of bright lip liner, and it doesn’t look sexy. There are a few ways toavoid this problem.

Firstly, it would be a good idea to stop using bright liners to match your favorite lipstick color. Instead, draw the lines, using nude colors. Before applying the lipstick, shade the lips with the liner: this will make the layer last longer. And don’t forget to wipe your lips from time to time to get rid of the remaining lip liner. 

Secondly, try switching to more durable liquid lipsticks that literally “freeze” on your lips. Check out products such as Lip Magnet by Giorgio Armani or Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Collection by NYX Professional Makeup. There are dozens of decent options out there, so feel free to experiment to pick something that fits you best.

Problem 2: Lipstick spots on teeth

If you pick too bright a lipstick shade for your date, you risk creating a few more problems. For instance, if you apply too much of it, hoping that three layers would last longer than one, you’ll most likely leave a couple of marks on your teeth. There’s a nice life hack for this: put your lips around your index finger and pull it out. As a result, the excess lipstick will stick to the finger and won’t get on your teeth.

Problem 3: Mascara leaves marks on eyelids

Usually, a problem like this happens when the skin around your eyelids is oily. It becomes sticky, and mascara leaves awful black marks when you bat your eyelashes in front of your companion. The worst thing is that these marks are so waterproof that it’s easier to master Indian cuisine or deal with mommy issues than get rid of them. So you should take care of them in advance: before applying any makeup to the area around your eyes, apply some primeron the upper eyelid and eyebrow. You can also try applying primer on theeyelashes together with waterproof mascara.

Problem 4: Concealer won’t stick properly

Probably the only thing you can’t skip when doing makeup for a date is concealer. The main thing here is not to screw up and spend the rest of the evening with spots all over your face because your concealer didn’t stick as it should.

Firstly, you should always apply primer: it not only prepares your skin for makeup but also makes the results of your effort last longer. Secondly, it would be nice if you used the concealer with a durable formula, like All Nighter by Urban Decay, for example. And thirdly, don’t forget about final preparations: a thin layer of translucent powder or fixing spray (Infallible Fixing Mist by L’Oréal Paris would do) will help make yourconcealer more solid.

Problem 5: Oily skin

A natural and a bit wet skin gloss looks great, but an oily one doesn’t. It always turns makeup into a disaster, not only on a date. If you don’t want the layer of oil on your face to become a problem during a romantic evening, you should apply makeup without using anything that contains oils. And keep some oil blotting tissues with you at all times! You can also use ordinary ones to wipe off excess oil from your skin, but the effect won’t be as lasting as you’dwant.

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