We Are Over Dependent On Technology — But It’s Not A Bad Thing

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The tech we use advances by the day, we all depend on it, and we use a variety of it to accomplish tasks in our everyday lives. Today, various technologies are emerging that have different impacts on our lives and the way we do business. Embracing them and learning how to use them in what we do is critical.


In the past, we relied on landline phones and snail mail. Yes, those things are still in use, but most people also have smartphones and use email. As much as we depend on our phones for everything from networking to personal data and more, we need to protect them, and cases and screen protectors like the ones from BodyGuardz help us do that. Tech has also made communications and business meetings simpler. With video conferencing, we never need to worry about being late for those annoying business meetings. With this tech, we can attend virtual meetings and engage with everyone regardless of where they are.

Personal and business communication is vital for the way the world works. We all make use of this type of technology daily.


As the world continues to develop, people tend to be carried away by their worries and their work. Today, a lot is demanded of us, and we might find ourselves too busy to find and develop relationships. Instead, tech has filled a role here. With today’s tech, we’re able to find and connect with new people, even while we’re at work, by using social networking. We can also get a date with someone new without ever leaving work. These days people use apps on their mobile devices to meet and connect with people.

In Our Homes

More and more people are beginning to use smart devices in their homes for a variety of different things. We use Alexa to listen to music, control our Fire TV, play games, communicate, and more. We utilize smart thermostats like NEST to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature. We use smart plugs to control our appliances, lights, and more. We can even get a video doorbell so we can see who comes to our door without ever leaving the recliner!


New tech has even made our lives more secure. We can use our Android devices for personal security. Most people are getting security cameras of one sort or another in their homes and on their property. There are wearable devices for those who might be infirm that they can wear around their necks and press when they need medical attention. These are just a few examples.

In Business

Today’s businesses can save a lot of money by utilizing tech to perform a variety of tasks. Consider this – if you hire someone for a job, you need first to train them to do it, and this can be quite costly. With tech, small businesses can scale out and can consistently deliver more at higher quality while using fewer human resources, which means a lower cost in the end.

Businesses need to be utilizing tech to speed their services up and cut their costs. While tech isn’t able to do everything, it does mean better efficiency and a reduction in costs.

The way we use our tech determines if it’s bad or good, harmful, or helpful. Tech itself is a neutral thing. Society makes decisions from a variety of alternatives. Each person will make decisions that influence the choices made by society. Therefore, how we use our tech will determine if it’s a positive benefit for us or if it’ll be harmful in the end.

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