Post-Pandemic Self-Care Looks Different – Here’s What’s Changed


The pandemic has changed many perspectives and mentalities. This unprecedented health crisis is perhaps the generator of massive paradigm shifts. Now, post-pandemic self-care looks a bit different.

It cannot be denied that the coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of people’s lives – personal, academic, and professional. From the social aspect to building careers, the pandemic has made the majority of people change their goals, readjust accordingly and see life, in general, with a fresh pair of eyes. It is perfectly understandable why such a massive event could be so disrupting. Many people’s lives changed because of the uncertainty, fear, and anxiety in the first year of the pandemic, followed by continued uncertainty and a refreshed perspective on life as restrictions continued. The good news is that so many lives actually changed for the better – this is the silver lining we all want, and love, to hear.

During such a stressful and frightening time, seeing how people took something incredibly disrupting and scary and used it as an opportunity to improve, be kinder to themselves and others, and make mental and physical health a priority surely is worth celebrating.

Two years since the pandemic managed to turn the world upside down, as many countries are still fighting to overcome it, the discussion around mental health has finally been received with open hearts and minds. The stigma around this has decreased considerably in the last few years, but more improvement is still needed. 

Due to the pandemic, and necessary restrictions that forbade physical interactions, it isn’t surprising that an increasing number of people have begun facing  mental health issues or, in some cases, seen pre-existing issues exacerbated. Apart from the uncertainty and fear of the unknown, which have been felt collectively, people started struggling with loneliness and depression. As a result, people have come to take mental health more seriously, including taking necessary measures and learning how to manage and better cope with symptoms of mental health disorders.

A self-care routine has always been preached as an essential lifestyle that can improve both your physical and mental well-being. But now, practicing self-care has finally become a priority for many. 

So, what has changed when it comes to self-care routines, and what is new compared to a pre-pandemic world? 

Time Management Incorporates a Work-Life Balance

The time has come to prioritize having a balance between work and personal life. Working overtime and dedicating your entire life to your career should never take precedence. Indeed, it is of the utmost importance to allocate time and resources to building your career and gaining experience in your area of focus – but this should never be at the expense of your health.

There have been too many cases where people who prioritize work and study while overlooking their social life and needs started developing burnout. Once this happens, you start getting overwhelmed with stress, losing sleep, and having concentration problems,. Ultimately, our professional and personal life have to suffer.

For this reason, the work-life balance has become a vital and necessary aspect of time management. In 2022, the priority is to practice self-care and create a routine and work schedule that supports growth. You can build a solid career without neglecting your mental health and emotional well-being.

CBD And Cannabis Products Are Used More And More

The demand for CBD and cannabis products for health purposes is at an all-time high. Given their various health benefits, there is no denying that this drives the market forward. In 2020, sales of CBD products reached $4.6 billion in the US. According to forecasts, this market will continue to grow.

Some health benefits include helping people manage anxiety, depression, and anxiety symptoms. While more research is definitely needed, it cannot be denied that the results have been promising so far. Therefore, if you haven’t tried any of these products yet, you could look into cannabis seeds online or any other product types, from topicals and capsules to edibles.

An essential and noteworthy mention would be to always discuss with a healthcare professional and your medical provider before taking these products. They will be able to advise you on the correct dosage and product types. Depending on what you discuss with these healthcare specialists, you can try them and see how they can help with symptoms of anxiety and stress. Reputable businesses like Seedsman are a great place to start your research.

Movement And Exercising Are Encouraged at Workplaces

The pandemic has forced many companies to shift to remote work. With restrictions being gradually lifted across the world, it can be seen that this has become a choice. 

Therefore, businesses of all types and sizes have realized the benefits of remote work and have embedded this work practice within their business models. Remote or hybrid working practices have become the preferred way of conducting business. 

Another change, or better said, improvement, when it comes to work environments, includes prioritizing physical movement. This means that many companies encourage employees to exercise, should they wish so, with companies supporting their decision. Onsite, remote and hybrid companies give their teams the opportunity to move and exercise more, whether by providing benefits like gym subscriptions or organizing team-building activities that promote physical health.

Spending Time in Nature Is No Longer Taken for Granted

There is no doubt that the pre-pandemic world used to take being outside for granted. During the first year of the pandemic, more and more people realized how crucial it is to slow down to appreciate the world around them and spend much-needed time in nature, either alone or with loved ones. For this reason, this is a significant change in how people practice self-care in a post-pandemic world.

A routine that encourages taking care of yourself embraces being outside, surrounded by nature more than ever. This has also opened people’s lives to sustainability, which is why so many are much more committed to adopting eco-friendly habits.

Significantly Decreased Stigma: Realizing the Benefits of Therapy

Last but not least, the stigma around mental health in general and going to therapy, in particular, has decreased significantly. Many individuals started to seek professional help from psychologists and psychotherapists during nationwide lockdowns in the first year of the pandemic. 

For this reason, a lot of people started realizing the benefits of therapy and how talking with a mental health professional can help you cope with anxiety or depression symptoms better. These qualified mental health specialists are equipped to teach you how to understand your feelings and thoughts better and give you the necessary tools to manage them.

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