6 Crazy Period Myths That You Need To Stop Believing

Don’t believe everything you hear.

It happens every month like clockwork for the majority of women. Yep, it’s that time again, the one which makes men’s stomach turn. Sadly, little boys don’t understand what ladies go through and that is their drama. If they want to act like children, so be it.

However, guys aren’t the only gender to have common misconceptions about periods. No one likes to admit it, but some of us just don’t know why the process happens on a regular basis. For lots of ladies, it’s enough to cross that bridge as and when it happens!

The problem is that women start to believe myths, which, as the term suggests, simply aren’t true. It may not seem as if the truth will set you free, but think about how lives change when you menstruate. Just jumping in the car and heading to the supermarket can seem like a huge ordeal. So, for that reason, here are the most common myths which are about to get debunked.

You Have To Have It Heavy

Filling a normal-sized tampon is nothing irregular because women come in all shapes and sizes. That being said, some people experience a heavier flow than the average woman. It’s easy to say “yeah, well, that’s just luck” yet that isn’t the case. Not to scare anyone, but a heavy bleed may be a sign that there is something wrong down below. Don’t fret because it is probably not hazardous; it may just be your body overcompensating. The great thing is a trip to your favorite ob-gyn will get the problem diagnosed and treated in no time. Whether you and the women in your family experience heavy flows doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. Always speak to a physician and ask for their advice as they may have a “miracle” cure.

Swimming In The Ocean Is Dangerous

Christmas is over so now seems like as good as time as any to go on vacation. What with the sun, sand and sea, there is no better way to get over the wintertime blues. Well, unless you get eaten by a shark. Although it sounds silly to some, lots of ladies believe swimming on their period will attract marine animals to the party. Okay, it’s easy to see where the myth originated from: sharks are attracted to blood. However, predators don’t discriminate because they can’t afford to go hungry. And, considering there is a 9:1 ratio of males to females regarding attacks, there seems to be no evidence to support women are targets. Of course, this logic doesn’t work for all wildlife because any fan of Anchorman will know that bears are a different kettle of fish.

Sex Isn’t Allowed

Firstly, let’s all agree on one thing: we say when we want to have sex. Sure, it’s savvy to listen to experts about periods and intercourse, but it’s also a personal decision. Anyway, the kicker is that this myth seems to originate from not wanting to make a mess. Like getting down and dirty is the cleanest thing a woman is likely to do this week! Anyone who is not convinced should listen to the wisdom of expert Maria Sophocles. In Women’s Health Mag, she explicitly says, “It’s perfectly safe to have sex while you are having your period.” Not only is it safe, but some women prefer it because the sensation is heightened. The sheets may not thank you, but it’s nothing a towel or a deep clean can’t fix.

Skin Sucks

Attentive women can tell when their period is coming because their skin starts to show telltale signs. Hopefully, you aren’t one of the many women who have to deal with breakouts and acne during menstruation. However, if you are, don’t assume that the largest organ in the body has to look saggy and dry for a whole week. For starters, using moisturizer can keep the skin glowing and tight even when the body is going through changes. Just apply a bit extra during your time of the month. Acne and breakouts are different because they are hard to cover but not impossible. As always, the trick is to go organic and this post on how to cover up breakouts without concealer can help. Among the many pearls of wisdom, applying ice to the skin is as effective as it is basic. Scientifically speaking, the cold reduces vasoconstriction of the blood vessels and limits spots.

Avoid Vigorous Exercise

Especially inverted workouts. You wouldn’t want a nasty accident now ladies, would you? Thankfully, that is something even heavy flowers don’t have to worry about because PMS hardly impacts exercise. There are caveats, such as if you get bad cramps as even the hardcore gym junkies can’t soldier through that pain. And, some women do suffer from fatigue which makes intense exercise a little trickier. But, the idea that your period will suddenly stop you from attending the local sports club is garbage. In fact, this advice bureau recommends women work out between 75 to 150 minutes per week to avoid aches and pains. As it happens, sweating can strengthen the muscles and prevent typical PMS soreness. One thing’s for sure: there’s no reason to stop working out completely.

PMS Pals

Stories of BFFs who spend so much time together that their cycles sync is cute but no miracle. According to the boffins in labs who deal with this sort of thing, it’s a numbers game. The equation is as follows: the average menstruation between two women is a week apart and lasts for five days. Given that the numbers are close and periods don’t always stick to a schedule, it isn’t rare for cycles to sync. In fact, it could easily happen depending on the punctuality of your body. So, forget about hormones because it’s all down to the stats. Still, it doesn’t mean you and your housemate aren’t the best of friends.

Taboo though they may be, periods are a way of life until the menopause. Considering that is a long way away, PMS shouldn’t stop you enjoying a happy life.

Featured Image via Medical News Today

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