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4 Myths That Could Ruin Your Lockdown Experience

Photo credit: Anna Shvets

Right now we’re all grappling with a global pandemic. This is an unprecedented situation, unparalleled in living memory. The absolute last thing we should be thinking about is how we “should” be getting through this. But there are a lot of lies out there which can get us thinking in this way, and as such may do us more harm than good. 

No, we’re not talking about “injecting disinfectants could cure coronavirus” level lies. We’re talking about the kinds of well-meaning untruths that have begun to permeate on social media and in news headlines to such an extent that we’ve reached the status of “assumed truths”. Of course, the problem with assumed truths is that they’re almost always proven wrong. From flat Earth theory to geocentric universes. Here we’ll look at a few that could make an already impossible situation even harder.

You have to emerge from lockdown with a new skill

A couple of high profile business leaders and entrepreneurs have taken social media to share sentiments to this effect… “If you haven’t learned a new skill by the time lockdown ends, you’ve wasted your time!”. What absolute disingenuous and damaging nonsense. If you emerge from lockdown and your kids haven’t murdered one another, that’s a victory that you can (and should) take to the bank!

Now is the perfect time to kick bad habits

Okay, while this isn’t necessarily bad advice, we need to make an important distinction here. The distinction between a vice and a bad habit. Because while now is a great time to learn to kick our bad habits (like overindulgence, short temper or performative flatulence), a vice isn’t necessarily a bad habit. A vice is a carefully managed indulgence which can make lockdown liveable. Whether you order that vice through a website like the chronfather or pick it up by the slice at the grocery store, your vice can be the treat that prevents Saturday from blurring into Sunday and ensure that you always have something to look forward to. 

Now is the perfect opportunity for more family time

While the current situation may make you more grateful that your family is well and safe, you may not relish spending every waking moment with them. Indeed, you may start to believe that Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining showed remarkable restraint. You can still have great moments with your family under lockdown. But it’s also important to spend some quality time on your own… in every sense of the word. It’s perfectly natural, healthy, and normal to want some time apart from the people you love the most. 

You’ll actually be more productive while working from home

Can you be more productive at home. Absolutely! Will you be more productive at home? In the current climate? Probably not! The data suggesting that remote workers are more effective is certainly compelling. But it was harvested long before the pandemic and lockdown. It doesn’t assume that remote working isn’t part of normal operations for you. Nor does it factor in the distractions and limitations which come into play when working from home with a family on lockdown. From reduced bandwidth to screaming kids, the current state of affairs is far from conducive to productivity. 

Keep your expectations of yourself realistic. It’s the only way to emerge from this debacle with your sanity intact!

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