No Shampoo? Wash Your Hair With This…

Everyone needs to wash their hair right? Whether it’s every other day or once every five days, we would start to look funny and smell even funnier if we neglected to exfoliate and rinse.  There’s also that bit of suspense we get when we step into the shower and grab that Pantene bottle hoping for just one more drop and then we have a mini-heart attack when we realize that no matter how hard we squeeze there’s no shampoo left.

No shampoo! What is a girl to do?

Look around the house!

Until a trip to the store becomes possible everything you need for luscious, clean and healthy locks can be found in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Here are five “no poo” ways to wash your hair when you run out of your favorite shampoo.

Cactus Oil is one I can personally vouch for. As a child living in the British West Indies, my Grandmother used to cut a piece of the giant cactus that grew in our backyard and use its oils to wash my hair.   Did it work? Yes it did! Within one year, my tight kinky locks were longer, fuller and moisturized. The same nutrients that ensure the plants survival in such dry and arid climates helped revitalize and add life to dead and heat damaged hair.

Baking soda and Vinegar is steadily becoming a popular way for many women forgoing shampoo completely.  Baking soda and vinegar in my hair? Sounds like a science project, but in fact many can attest to its benefits.  The Baking soda to Vinegar combination clarifies the hair as well as absorbs the oils that our skin naturally produces.

Now for my personal favorite (sorry Grandma): honey. Crystalized honey in the shower not only leaves the hair smelling good but it is also a natural humectant! That’s right, ladies, it naturally conditions the hair without stripping it of its moisture.  The use of honey makes the hair stronger, softer and greatly reduces frizz.

Another water-free way to wash hair in a hurry is to use baby powder.  Baby powder not only smells good but it absorbs the oil and build-up in your hair.  With this all that is needed is to rub a little in brush out and go.

This final “no-poo” alternative is one that even I had to raise an eyebrow at: Beer. That’s right ladies: good old-fashioned malt and hop infused beer.

Made from malt and hops, beer contains a much-needed ingredient for strong hair: protein. This nutrient can be used to repair damage caused by chemicals, the sun, pollution and heat. The sugars in a 12 oz. bottle are believed to make hair shiny by tightening the hairs cuticle.

Daring, but it works!

Shampoo is as essential to good hygiene as soap and water but if you should happen to run out; why not get in touch with your inner bohemian and give one or all of these products a try?

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