Trade In Your White Tee For Something New

It’s our go-to clothing item when the “I don’t know what to wear” wave falls over us. The oh-so notorious white tee. Tossed under a jacket, blazer, or sweater, the infamous white t-shirt that every girl loves to wear often saves us from committing fashion faux-pas.

But often times our white tees are so worn that we’re unable to get rid of them. (Yes, that dirt ring around the collar is a sign that you may be giving your classic t-shirt a little too much love.)

It’s time to trade in your beloved white t-shirt for more fashionable staple items that can provide you with even more versatile looks. Here are our top five picks that you should substitute into your closet. Kiss that wear it five-thousand-ways-white-tee goodbye!

No More White Tees

The V-Neck

With the right bra, v-necks adds sex appeal to any look. Worn down with fitted jeans or with a blazer, a v-neck t-shirt is classic yet sultry. Style Tip: Wear long v-neck tees tucked in with a belt and skinny jeans. Paired with shades, this look will show of your curves (or create the illusion that they are there!)

The Boatneck

This cut is for our girly-girls. Boat necks layer on classicism over style and instantly dress you up. Often seen in long-sleeves and quarter-sleeve lengths, the boat neck is the perfect addition to your closet for work or date-wear. Style Tip: Don’t wear necklaces with this cut. Keeping the neckline naked helps to elongate the neck. Opt for earrings and light bangles instead.


Besides their cooling factors, sleeveless tops are great for showing off strong arms. They offer full enough coverage to be worn under blazers to work but also stand strong on their own tucked into shorts and skirts. Style Tip: Pick your prints wisely. What may look appealing on a hanger may be gaudy on you and the less coverage you have the more eyes are drawn to fabric. Select prints that aren’t to gaudy to get ultimate versatility.


Like air vents, cut-outs are great for summer as they will keep you cool and offer extra air to your skin. Ultimately, they make for stylish surprises that can give plain tops some edge. Although “in”, we don’t recommend this style for work. Style Tip: Beware of the placing of your cut-outs. Some areas are not flattering for the body (a cut-out on the side of a shirt will only exacerbate the appearance of love handles if you have them). Make sure to analyze tops before you buy them and that the cutouts hit you in areas that show-off your figure appropriately.

The Graphic Tee

Remember when graphics were in at the turn of the century? Update your wardrobe with some stylish details that are mature yet fun. Graphic tees are perfect for layering — so pile on the jewelry, jean vests, and make-up. Style Tip: Don’t be a walking billboard. Some branded tees are cute, but make sure your closet isn’t overrun with recognizable images. You’ll look like a over-obsessed brand ambassador. And no one wants that.

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