New Year’s Resolution Check In

Remember when you wrote down that list stating you would work harder, communicate better and maybe even get into shape. Can you believe that was only a four weeks ago? Its the end of January and its time to do a recap on just how many resolutions have been kept.

I’ll give you a moment….

If you haven’t gotten as far as you would like,  here are a few ways to help you achieve some of your 2012 goals.

1) Don’t wait until January first to make a resolution. Your year begins and ends when you want it to. Review your list and decide if anything needs to change. If you havent kept up with your goals so far, start again. Its never to late.

2) It takes 21 days to form a habit. Rather than thinking of resolutions as a year long commitment, consider making them month long adventures or even weekly to-do lists. By doing so, goals become more realistic and manageable.

3) Use the buddy system. Share your goals with friends and family for support and companionship. If possible, partner up with someone with the same goals. Having someone along the journey makes the process more invigorating and the accomplishments more communal.

4) Don’t allow small road blocks to stop you. I’ts really important to be able to push past challenges. Often the reward is greater than a minor fault that you may presently see.

5) It is all a process. Change is a process. Dont become encouraged when things aren’t progressing as much as you would like. But remember, goals require action.

As we welcome February, keep in mind there is still time to pursue a better you.

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