New Year, New (Healthy) Me: 9 Tips to Start 2021 At Your Best

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It is undeniable that this year and the months spent indoors have had a considerable effect on our physical health and mental wellbeing. While we have all stayed home as much as possible to contain the spread of Covid-19, now it is time to start proactively working towards getting back on our feet. 

After all, being at our best mentally and physically is extremely important – especially if you have big plans for next year. Whether you wish to finally turn your idea into a profitable business, and you need to work hard to get your startup off the ground, being healthy and energized can help you remain focused and motivated. Below, you will find some easy-to-implement tips that can help you start working on your health today. 

Book All of Your Health Screenings

Firstly, it is crucial to keep up with all the regular health screenings and tests. These are something that we all tend to put off and postpone, often until an issue actually becomes apparent. 

However, when this happens, the issue can become much more costly and difficult to solve. 

Booking in all of your essential health screening grants you that peace of mind that allows you to focus on other important aspects, including your relationships, careers, and personal goals. 

The ones below are only some of the essential checks you should book within the next few weeks. However, don’t forget to speak to your family physician to determine whether there are additional checks that you should consider. 

  • Blood Pressure – checking your blood pressure is something that you should do regularly. Elevated blood pressure can lead to severe conditions, such as kidney disease or heart attack. 
  • Blood Glucose Tests – if you are dealing with obesity and weight management issues, it is recommendable to regularly check your blood glucose levels. Indeed, diabetes and other conditions related to nutrition and lifestyle are becoming increasingly common and harmful. 
  • Bone Density Test – osteoporosis is a condition that affects many women, especially those over 65 years of age. However, if you have been dealing with fractures or low body weight, you should book this test much earlier.
  • Breast Cancer Detection – breast cancer is one of the most common cancer cases affecting women worldwide. Early detection is crucial to identify the issue early and start treatment in time. This test is done by mammography; speaking to your doctor can help you get booked in quickly.
  • Colon Cancer Detection – another common cancer affecting women is colon cancer, which is another disease that can be promptly identified and treated with the right tests. Speaking to your doctor can help you find out about the tell-tale symptoms of this condition and understand whether you need earlier screenings. 
  • Cervical Cancer Screeningscervical cancer is detectable through pap smear tests. Unlike the tests above, this screening should start at the age of 30 and be repeated regularly. Alongside a pap smear, your doctor might also book you in for an HPV test to detect Human papillomavirus, an infection that is sexually transmitted and can lead to cancer. 
  • Skin Examination – skin examinations are something we don’t often think about. However, our skin can be exposed to conditions and factors that can lead to more serious health issues because of our lifestyle. 

These are only general health screenings for women. However, speaking to an expert physician or a specialized clinic such as Tarrant County can help you identify other checks that you should get booked in as soon as possible. Don’t forget that it has never been as important as today to ensure that your body is healthy and protected. 

Change or Improve Your Nutrition

Your lifestyle and nutrition have an extraordinary impact on your wellbeing. Indeed, in several cases, medicines and medical treatments are not the solutions to certain conditions. Instead, a lifestyle change can yield benefits that you would have never imagined. 

When it comes down to nutrition, we receive an impressive amount of information daily. Therefore, becoming more mindful about what’s on our plate has become incredibly important. 

We know that fad diets and overly restrictive nutritional regimes might not be the key to healthy living. However, studies have proven that processed foods, refined sugars, and other not-so-natural ingredients can be extremely harmful to our health

Speaking to an expert nutritionist whose work aligns with your values and health goals is crucial to identify nutrition and lifestyle that can help you feel and look healthier. Additionally, taking up challenges such as Veganuary or Meatless Monday can help you approach a different lifestyle without commitment – try it this year!

Find a Form of Exercise That Fit Your Needs

It is undeniable that regular exercise is at the core of healthy living. However, not all types of gym training are ideal for all people. If you hate picking up weight and spending hours on the rowing machine, you are not the only one!

However, an active lifestyle is something that should not be overlooked. And, if the current lockdowns and social distancing measures have blessed us with something, that is time. Indeed, now you have the time to try different ways to stimulate your body and mind. 

For example, you might decide to try out yoga, pilates, or alternative disciplines such as calisthenics. These kinds of training are undoubtedly beneficial for your body, and they can help you shed some extra weight, become stronger, and work on your flexibility and balance. At the same time, they can help you achieve unparalleled awareness of your body.

Change Your Habits

Habits can make or break your lifestyle, and they are incredibly hard to form. Indeed, now that we all tend to reach out for our phones even before breakfast, it can be hard to wake up and dedicate time to something healthier. 

However, changing your habits and daily routine can help you find a new perspective on your life. Refining your daily routine can also help you find extra time and more energy throughout the day – something that is crucial if you are trying to grow your business while dedicating time to the things you love. 

Look After Your Mental Health

Looking after your mental wellbeing has never been as important as it is today. Undeniably, spending so much time indoors and limiting personal interactions has impacted how we feel and see the world today. However, the consequences of the current pandemic are not bound to disappear in the next few months. Therefore, finding alternative ways to remain sane and healthy is crucial. 

Some clever tips to look after your mental health include:

  • Meditate – Meditation can be extremely important to help you refocus and fight back stress and anxiety. Even a 5 to 10 minute-long session a day can be extremely beneficial. 
  • Start Journaling – journaling might not be for everybody. However, if you tend to procrastinate and feel overwhelmed by the many tasks you need to dedicate yourself to, this can be an excellent way to find your balance again.
  • Keep in Touch With Your Loved Ones – in-person interactions might not be as easy and worry-free as they used to be. However, this should not be an excuse to neglect the people in your life. Luckily, technology is on our side – so, pick up your phone and make time for a catch-up with your girlfriends!

Be Kind to Yourself

In such a difficult moment, it can be hard to feel positive, energized, and motivated. Of course, the current period has thrown some major challenges at us, but it has also brought many opportunities. 

Whether you are still trying to find your feet in this new world or you are a powerhouse of projects, finding that motivation can be the key to success. 

Nonetheless, don’t forget that you are not likely to feel the best of yourself at all times. Embrace the low moments, be kind to yourself, and spend some time doing the things your love and bring you comfort. Whether this is binge-watching an old series or staying a little longer on your yoga mat, don’t be afraid to allow that time for yourself. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Nature has an incredible healing power that you should not underestimate. Staying indoors can be extremely hard, especially when the choice to go out and meet others is limited. However, if you live by a park, forest, seafront, or even meadow, make sure you take time to spend a small portion of your day outdoors. A garden will work too!

If you don’t have this opportunity, you need to stay indoors, ensure you are bringing nature in. fill your home with plants and natural elements, and open the windows to feel fresh air and sunshine in your room.

Invest in Making Your Home a Healthy Place

If there is something that this year has taught us is that we rely on our homes much more than we would have ever thought. Our homes have become safe places, gyms, yoga studios, meditation rooms, private spas, and little cinemas during this year. 

While you might be looking forward to spending some time outside of it, your home will still be a crucial environment for the months to come. 

So, ensure that your home office is ready to take on the amount of work and thinking you want to do during the next year; that your bedroom is healthy and guarantees you a restful night’s sleep; and that your kitchen is filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. 

Set Smart Goals and Be Persistent

Becoming healthy, strong, and highly motivated is not something that happens from a day to another. It requires constant effort and persistence. While it can seem hard at first, your achievements will become your greatest motivation. Just keep your goals and rewards in mind for the first few weeks!

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