For The Love Of Curls: These Are Our Go-To Natural Hair Tips

natural hair

No one’s hair is more vibrant than ours. Celebrate yourself, sis.

For women of color, our hair is versatile. We can have our hair relaxed, wear it au naturale, or install a wig or weave. All of these hairstyles have their benefits but natural hair (although seen as “hard to manage”) actually can be less complicated than these other options.

Take relaxed hair as an example. The processed hair that is super straight when styled can easily begin to result in damage from over exposure to chemicals overtime. Weaves can provide beautiful styles but can result in all sorts of tangles if not taken care of so they can be pretty high-maintenance. This is why more and more women are embracing their natural curls rather than choosing a weave time and time again or putting a relaxer in their hair.

Hair can get dry and dull, natural or not, so it can take a while to get to know what products do or don’t work for your hair. Not to mention that your hair can have a whole personality of its own; no two days are going to be the same. So it is going to take some time and patience to get used to the fluctuation of your natural hair. But don’t feel alone. There is a bit of a natural hair movement happening right now that is empowering and helps to keep you motivated. With stars like Solange Knowles, Thandie Newton and Lupita Nyong’o all embracing their natural hair, you’re going to be in good company if you decide to do the same.

For too long we have seen that for society relaxed hair or a straight weave is the only way we can wear our hair to be taken seriously. But we can still be beautiful when we embrace what we have and accept the natural hair that we have. Our hair is likely to come in much better condition as a result.

There are some timeless things that we need to do to keep your curls in tip-top condition:

Conditioning our hair cannot be emphasized enough! When we don’t condition our hair regularly, then it simply will become brittle, dry out, and break off. So finding a good conditioner is a must.

Reducing how much heat you use on your hair can be one of the best things that you can do. If you’re going to use heat, then at least look for the products that will cause as little damage as possible. You could for something like a Remington Anti-Static, for example, but you are likely to see more examples online. Avoiding heat on your hair daily is a good idea too. Limit it to a couple of times a week if you’re going to use it.

You need to have a wide tooth comb, some Moroccan oil, a paddle brush, a silk scarf, and a tail brush are much needed in your hair arsenal. They will help to stop breakage when you sleep.

What are some of your go-to tips for natural hair?

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