Must-Try Classic Layered Bob Haircut Styles for You

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No doubt, all bob haircut styles are stunning but adding layers to the style adds texture and more volume to the hair, making it look fuller. Besides, you can also cut your bob hairstyle into layers of various lengths to make the style unique and noticeable. 

Women with thin and less hair mostly prefer this style of bob haircut. It adds volume to make the hair denser. It also works well for women with thick hair because it reduces the bulkiness. The layered bob haircut is not picky with face shape and hair textures. This list consists of some of the best-layered bob styles and will come in handy before booking your appointment with your stylist. 

1. Neck-Length Choppy Layered Bob

This neck-length choppy bob is one of the trending bob hairstyles. Stylists hand-paint the hair and include choppy layers to make the length sexier and admirable. Seeing another woman wearing this style will give you this urge to get your hair put in the choppy layered bob tomorrow.

 2. Shoulder-Length Layered Balayage Bob

This bob hairstyle consists of blended brown balayage with some curls to make it stylish. Use a good cleansing and gentle product to maintain this hair. According to LoveHairStyles, thickening spray and a dry spun for texture would be very helpful. We also have to appreciate that this hair is not picky with face shapes, and you can change the color and length to fit the client’s preference. 

3. Edgy Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

The shaggy hairstyle is for the don’t-care attitude girl who wants to be messy but messy with curls. It will be great if you have natural curls and are looking to have this hairstyle. It is an easy hairstyle to achieve and maintain, especially since its fashion is to look messy. The style will suit you well if you love the texture.

4. Neck-Length Bob With Fringe

This short haircut has a layered bob, and stylists add fringe to it to make the style pop more. It is easy to care for. Apply a medium hold gel on the hair to keep it in place all day. Ensure the hair is dump before applying the gel, and use a thickening paste to add volume. As a stylist, you can put the hair on any client and customize it to a texture fit for them.5. Blunt Cut Bob

What if you don’t want something that is too bold but at the same time modern and official? Well, blunt bob is the way to go. The classic chop and color is the go-to hairstyle for many ladies. However, it will do better on a woman with a dark-rooted blonde balayage. Add layers to flaunt the texture and maintain your hair at shoulder length. You will feel like a boss. 

6. Short Caramel Bob

If you are a lover of caramel chocolate, you can extend the love to your hair by styling it in a caramel bob style. You will not be enjoying the taste of caramel here, but the look. The hair is simple to maintain. Before putting curls on it, use a heat protectant on the hair first. Ensure the curls run in the opposite direction. 

7. Short Bob For The Aged

Older adults can still look classy with this messy and chunky hairstyle. The good news is, the hairdo has different shades of blonde and brown, and you can make it as curly as you want to ensure the 16-year old girl in you still turns people’s heads. 

8. Neck-Length Stacked Bob style

The stylist will stack your hair under the occipital bone at the back and comb the rest towards the front to the chin. This style has layers all through to make it wavy and enticing to look at. Ensure you use heat protection and shine before you touch it with the curling iron. 

9. Auburn Neck-Length Bob

If you are looking forward to having a simple but stylish hairdo, you can try the auburn bob. It has layers that add some texture to the hair as some strands are combed towards the front. You can lift the roots slightly and apply tiny drops of shine gloss to ease the blow-drying process. 

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