6 Signs You’re Ready To Move On From Your Current Career

stressed at work

Stop living in denial.

There will come a time in every worker’s life when they feel like it’s time to move on from their current career. Sometimes, these signs can be more subtle than anything, and as changing jobs and finding new careers can be tough, people often put it off and spend more time in a job that they aren’t right for, for much longer than they need to.

With this in mind, take a look at the signs below that could point to you being ready to move on from your current career. Don’t spend too long in denial!

You’re Bored At Work

Do you find yourself bored at work more often than not? This is a sign that you’re no longer learning anything and that your work isn’t challenging you. If you’re getting your work finished and feeling bored and unfulfilled, it’s a sign you should look for a job that challenges you and encourages you to use your brain more.

You Find Yourself Procrastinating

Procrastinating is different from being bored. Procrastinating is not doing anything even though you know you have actual work to do. Do you find yourself putting off important tasks that you know you have to do? Many people do this, and it can be down to a few things. More often than not, people who procrastinate do not find their work fulfilling or enjoyable enough.

You No Longer Fit In With The Culture

Each company has a culture, and fitting in with that culture is key if you’re going to be happy at a company. However, it’s all too easy to outgrow the culture, especially if you’re in a growth mindset and you’re always looking to explore new ways of thinking. You might even find that the culture is toxic or unhealthy. In cases like this, employment lawyers are there to help you out. Hopefully, it won’t come to that!

Your Earnings Have Been In The Same Place For A While

Do you feel like you’re never going to get a pay rise? This alone isn’t really a reason to move on if you’re enjoying your work. After all, you can always ask for a meeting with your boss and present them with solid reasoning as to why you should get a pay rise. However, if you feel like you’re always going to be on the same salary and you’re already feeling iffy about your career, it could be time to let it go.

You’re Not Using Your Skills

Everybody should get the opportunity to use their skills daily, so ensuring your career gives you the chance to use yours is a must. You need to enjoy your work, but it should help you to use your skills too.

You’re Often Stressed And Tired

Are you finding yourself stressed and tired more often than not? You could be overworked, on your way to burning out – which can be tough to recover from.

Are you seeing signs that you should move on from your current career?



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