Here Is Some Metallic Home Decor Inspiration For Your Home

Now is the perfect time to bring out the metallic influences across your interiors

Now is the perfect time to bring out the metallic influences across your interiors. Wherever you look or gape, metals are a popular and in-demand trend, from the cold stainless steel, nicker, and chrome applications, to warm copper, brass, and gold accents.

Metals are surely here to stay—no doubt about that. If you are on the hunt for steps to bring these metallic influences into your home’s interior, then lucky you. Below are some ideas that’ll certainly make you crave for more metals throughout your interiors. Take a read!

Decorative Metal

Although metallic finishes can be seen almost in your entire home, never forget about decorative, fancy metals in every part of your interiors. Keep in mind that these metals are just as vital.

Take note that details can attract attention, and wrought iron banisters and railings are a chief area to exhibit or show this metal masterpiece. Aside from that, look to exterior door hardware, and cabinetry door pulls for metal subtleties. For sure, you will be left in awe how these metallic finishes can make your interiors superb.

Before anything else, it is wise to visit websites like the Creative Metal Design website to check out any designs you might like. Even better, you can opt to create a custom ornamental metal exclusive to your house.

Mirrored Furniture

The comeback or reappearance of beauty and allure added to interiors is happening. In fact, mirrored furniture goes way back to Regency Moderne with bold colors, mirrored tables and dressers, and highly reflective furnishings, creating the look of a future-forward art decoration era.

So, if you are looking to add instant glamour throughout your interiors without having to try, then it is an excellent idea to bring in mirrored furniture. This trend is among the forgotten ones. However, once you catch a glimpse of it, you won’t forget its style.

Silver Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures

Nowadays, nickel and chrome are widespread in plumbing fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen and remains a staple in a house of modest proportions towards the wealthiest neighborhoods.

There are lots of plumbing fixture styles to select from, either it is minimalist modern styles or traditional ornate detailing, relying upon your design style. On the other hand, stainless steel appliances still lead or are on the front line of the wish list items of many kitchen owners for their foodie kitchen applications.

Silver Metallic Finishes

With regards to the most specified and used finishes of the interior, bath, or kitchen designers, it is perhaps the silvery metallic options like stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, and nickel.

These metals have high reflective qualities and are very durable. Also, these silvery metals arrive in many different finishes from a highly polished to a dull brushed finish.

Corrugated Metal

Have you ever seen or even heard of an architect using corrugated metal to make a statement?

Although the interest of using this material is very popular, the capability to mold and bend this metal into curvilinear forms widens the imagination to brand-new, fresh ideas you probably have not thought about.

Architectural details with this versatile material can bring a unique sense of design into your home.

Brass and Gold

Even though you might prefer natural or wood finished furniture, do not ignore gold-leafed painted decoration or gold-painted furniture. These decorations add inventive accents to your pieces.

Pendant lights, wall sconces, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures can be painted with either gold or brass. These items can bring a dramatic, exciting flair throughout your interiors. Other than that, ornamental cabinet pulls, furniture, and wallpaper are big for brass and gold.

Also, if you wish to add glamour to your bedroom, consider adding golden-toned wallpaper as it can be a perfect eye-catching accent wall.


Although fireplaces are recognized for their natural tile, brick, or rock surroundings, there’s a new trend to integrate copper into this area of your home. Think about utilizing reclaimed or retrieved copper sheets from other remodeling projects or look for a kitchen or an artisan welder who specializes in copper trim applications.

Moreover, it’s true that rich copper is beautiful in any season. However, the autumn season appears to be the most excellent time to bring copper into your kitchen space. From backsplash tiles to copper countertops, copper is the solution to your aesthetic dilemma.


Metals have undoubtedly come a very long way for the past years and are no longer exclusively used for siding and roofing. Today, metals can be used to beautify the interiors of your home.

You can make unnoticeable lines with complete accent walls with metals and many more. Bringing this material throughout your interior can open up lots of design possibilities. Thus, do not be scared to experiment with metals, particularly when designing your home.

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