Style Your Man For The Summer: 8 Items He Needs In His Wardrobe Now

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No one wants to stand next to a bum.

Summer is finally here; that means pool parties, beach camping, and lots of fun in the sun. If you have big plans this summer, make sure your man has the proper wardrobe so that he looks appropriate beside you! Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or catching waves in Honolulu, here are your man’s summer fashion must-haves.

Sleeveless T-shirts

If he’s been hitting the gym this winter in preparation for summer, it’s time to show off those man cannons with a stylish sleeveless t-shirt—suns out, guns out. Tank tops are a great way to show off the shredded physique that he’s worked so hard for at the gym.

Swim Wear

Don’t let him wear some beat-up old gym shorts to your cousin’s BBQ at the lake; look extra fly this summer in some stylish swim trunks. Consider paring those trunks with a collared sleeveless or a fresh t-shirt. Don’t let your man look like a bum when he jumps in the pool and splashes your family. Help him cannonball in style.

Flip-flops and Sandals

No one wants to be next to that guy trying to where Jordan’s to the beach or lake; it just looks ridiculous. Invest in a quality pair of flip-flops so his feet can breathe in the sweltering summer heat. Don’t waste your money at Walmart on a pair of cheap flip-flops, go online or head to your local surf shop for a product that will look good and last him for more than one season.

Sandals are great if you have to walk on rocky paths on your way to the beach or the lake. However, they usually aren’t the most stylish of footwear. If you prefer sandals for your man, avoid Velcro straps and goofy 90’s patterns.


Even if your skin doesn’t burn easily, your eyes still can. Consider purchasing the proper eye protection he needs before he spends too much time in the sun. Besides, who doesn’t look good in a fresh pair of sunglasses? New shades are the best way to accessorize any outfit during the summer months.


Summer is the perfect time to pick up some new duds, make sure shorts are high on his list of desired purchases. Board shorts and swim trunks are great, but sometimes those patterns can get a little too radical for a more formal engagement. Plain white shorts are a must-have in any guy’s wardrobe, and you don’t have to break the bank to grab a pair. Head down to Old Navy or Forever 21 to pick up a pair for a heavily discounted price. The baggy look is out; if your shorts are too loose you’re behind the times.

Boxer shorts are a great choice for men’s innerwear. If you’re looking for a comfortable fabric that also compliments your style, you might want to check on Bamboo Boxer Shorts.


It’s easy to forget that the nights can get fairly cold once the sun goes down. Make sure your man has a clean pair of blue jeans when you two go out to dinner. Remember, anything with gems and or heavy bedazzling is a hard pass. He’s buying a pair of pants, not a chandelier. Not too baggy, and not too skinny should be the look he’s going for. Look for slim-fit pairs of navy blue and black jeans.


Thanks to School Boy Q, bucket hats have made an epic comeback in the fashion world. Not only will your man look good, but he’ll also protect his skin from the sun.

Snapbacks are always in style; if your man doesn’t already have a small collection in his closet right now, he’s messing up. Pair a flat billed hat with one of his favorite t-shirts and jeans for chill, laid-back look.

Fitted baseball caps with frayed fabric have made something of a comeback as well. You’ve probably seen people in magazines wearing black Nike baseball caps and denim jackets in magazines and advertising. If you he desires a more modern look, this is the way to go.


It can be difficult to accessorize as a man. Diamond stud earrings and gold chains will only take him but so far. If he really wants to stand out, pick up a stylish gold watch from your local jeweler or go online so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Don’t let him be a bum this summer. Pick up the stylish clothes and accessories that he needs to look his best before you two catch that next flight to Jamaica.


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