Marketing Tips: How To Truly Reach Native Smartphone Users

Communication has changed more in the past twenty years than it has at any other point in human history. Widespread access to digital mass media has changed the way that we have conversations and, as a result, has massively changed the landscape of how businesses communicate with their audience as well. Nowadays, to reach your audience, you need to know how to talk through their smartphones.

Optimizing messages for mobile

Although they can both be seen as devices for accessing online digital content, the experience of being on a smartphone vs being on a PC is entirely different. That’s why any advertisements or marketing messages on the phone need to be optimized to that mobile environment. For instance, videos that are much shorter and snappier work much better at catching attention when on social media. Similarly, images needed to have less white space and be more immediately engaging to catch the eye.

Making your mobile experience

It’s not all about outbound marketing and outreach, either. Businesses need a place for customers to come and engage them when they actually want to. When your customers come to you, it’s important to have a space that is well suited to the means by which they’re reaching you. Responsive website development has become a must, as of late. However, more businesses are going further with bespoke app development, creating digital spaces they have a much wider degree of control over and, in the process, making their services more accessible and convenient.

Connect it to the real world

One of the later trends that have developed in smartphone communication and marketing is the efforts that people will undertake to connect the real world to their smartphones. While AR marketing might be a long way away from being a viable strat, other options like QR codes have already seen plenty of success. By way of taking the time to make QR code images that can be used in posters, magazines, printed on walls, and otherwise, you can give smartphone users a quick and easy method of accessing any manner of content. A lot of companies are even using them as a method of verification.

Tying it down by location

Smartphone marketing isn’t just good for reaching a much wider audience across a greater distance. It can also be used to target people via location much more specifically. Geofencing is a technique by which you can target customers based on where they are. For instance, a physical store will be able to target individuals who are in town and more likely to visit the store. This isn’t done directly, usually, but rather through SEO and ad networks. However, if you have customers sign up for notifications, you might be able to alert them to nearby sales more directly.

There are real potential downsides to being constantly switched onto your smartphone, such as the risk of social media addiction. However, for businesses to compete for the attention they need, getting to talk to your customers through social media is an essential skill to learn.

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