These Man and Van Services Are Just What You Need For Your Next Move


Whether the house you are moving to is in the same locality or a different area, you still have to take all your belongings with you. Relocating and transferring all your household items is not an easy task. To make your transition less hectic, you can hire Man and Van Services that are available near your residence. You don’t have to worry about the process of packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking since the professional movers will handle it efficiently. It is important to ensure that the Man and Van Company you choose is reliable and reputable in the work they do.

Another option you can opt for is hiring professional movers from Shift to help you out. The company does not only offer shopping services but also moving services. They have the ability to move your general house items and they provide specialized moving services dedicated to transporting all the items that need extra care when handling, to ensure safety.

In the segment below, we discuss 5 reasons that make it important to use Man and Van for house transfers.

1. Cost-Efficient Services

Amongst the best reasons to go for Man and Van services is how affordable their services are. You can save yourself the multiple costs by settling for a Man and Van company. Most times, these companies charge less than what it would cost you to hire a moving truck. Logging in to the Man and Van app can help you identify well-established companies that charge reasonable prices from as low as 19 Euros. Some moving companies even charge clients on hourly rates, that is, you only pay for the duration they take to move your items. You can end up saving up to 75% of the costs you would otherwise accrue from not choosing Man and Van services.

2. Safety Is Assured

Through the multiple professional teams working under Man and Van, you are assured of the safety of your household items. The moving personnel has all the needed equipment and the right experience necessary for an efficient move and safety of your goods. They also show extra care when loading and unloading delicate and fragile items. All the items are arranged and packed carefully to avoid the risk of damage during the entire moving and unpacking process. Credible Man and Van service providers go an extra mile with the safety factor, since they offer insurance and compensation against any asset damages and loss of goods that may occur during transit and shipping.

3. Time Saving and Less Hectic

Choosing to do all the moving by yourself is a time consuming and stressful activity. This is because you barely have any experience and training necessary to make an efficient move on your own. Managing to rent a moving truck, packing and unpacking all the items successfully can be overwhelming. Man and Van moving companies have professional and well-experienced people to take over the whole moving process as you relax. They take less time to have everything in order. Therefore you are ensured of a seamless move into your new house.

4. Great Convenience

Finding the right Man and Van providers is not a time-consuming process. At the comfort of your home and through your smartphone, you can easily log in to the Man and Van app and make your booking. You can also make a call to organise for service delivery. Most Man and Van companies offer services throughout the day, with some being operational even through the night, during the weekends and on public holidays. Through Man and Van, you can set up a date and timing that suits your schedule, offers you convenience and can accommodate your moving needs even on short notice.

5. Excellent Customer Service

Man and Van service providers do move not only your items but also have professional movers and support teams that work to ensure you receive the best customer service. From the start, they listen to your needs attentively and act accordingly to deliver the best and offer you utmost client satisfaction. They also take time to guide you and give solutions to the queries you might have regarding the moving procedure. Reputable Man and Vans prove their professionalism from the onset and based on this; you can undoubtedly entrust them with your valued house goods.


Based on the benefits above, there is no doubt that hiring a Man and Van services is the better alternative compared to going for removal companies. Since you are now well informed on why Man and van is a must for house transfers, it is time to log in to their app and find yourself the best Man and Van Company for your moving needs!

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