Forget Starbucks: Here’s How To Prepare Great Tasting Coffee at Home

make coffee at home

Who needs expensive coffee anyway?

After the recent arrest incident that occurred against two black men in a Philadelphia-based Starbucks, you may be wondering where you should go for your coffee fix. Well, now is the time to save a few bucks and learn how to make your own high-quality coffee at home!

To prepare the perfect cup of coffee, you should consider learning the best practices of coffee preparation. Having a good cup every morning will help to set your mood right and prepare you for the day. If you are looking for the best advice on how to prepare good coffee, these steps will help you perfect the art and enjoy awesome coffee each day.

1. Buy fresh beans

Coffee is perfect when used a few days after it’s roasted. If you know any local roaster in your area, you should consider buying from them as opposed to getting already packaged coffee. This is the most definite way you will get fresh coffee. When exposed to bright light and oxygen, coffee goes bad and loses much of its taste and flavor, so you need to also check that the storage tubes help to emphasize about this. Good storage tubes should be coated with coffee oils and should remain sealed to prevent oxygen from getting in.

2. Avoid cheap filters

Using the wrong coffee filter could also ruin your experience while preparing coffee. You need to ensure that the filter you have used does not interfere with the flavor if your coffee is finely ground. There are bargain paper filters that may not give you good results, so be careful when buying cheap filters as most of them may not give you the results you want. It’s recommended to look for “dioxin-free” or “oxygen-bleached” filter papers. If you have the money, it’s good to invest in gold-plated filters that can deliver maximum flavor and hold the sediment from passing through. Alternatively, you can use the best espresso machine for home to prepare your coffee without worrying about using a specific filter.

3. Control the heat

Heat is also a factor that will affect the quality of your coffee. When you use water that is too hot, you will end up extracting some compounds in coffee that are bitter instead of pleasant. The recommended brewing temperatures are 200F. If you have a good coffee maker, the heat will be regulated automatically. Prolonged boiling or reheating will compromise the quality of the coffee and it may not have the good flavor or taste you would like.

4. Clean your equipment thoroughly

Clean equipment will produce coffee that is tasty and healthy. It’s good to clean the equipment you are using to ensure no foreign flavors are introduced to make the coffee bad. You should use vinegar or specialty equipment cleaner that is ideal for your coffee maker. Make sure to rinse before use, and after you are done preparing coffee don’t store the equipment when it’s not washed.

Starting your day with a cup of coffee is a good way to get some energy and stay motivated. It’s easy to prepare high-quality tasting coffee if you have the equipment and ingredients. Make sure to look for fresh coffee in your area if you would like to enjoy the best flavor, and for best results you should store the coffee well to prevent oxygen and light from destroying its flavor.

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