8 Ways To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving is emotional. You may be excited about relocating, but leaving your old place behind and what’s familiar to you can be rough. You created so many memories there and invested a lot of time and money into making it a place you could call home. So, you can imagine, that starting over is challenging.

Whether you’re sitting in your new, nice, real estate in Coronado, California or wherever you’ve moved, and are wondering how to make it feel like home, these suggestions should give you a headstart.

Clean the Property Thoroughly

Before you transform your new place it should be thoroughly cleaned. You don’t want to start setting up your things in filth as this won’t make you feel comfortable. Have the carpets steamed, floors washed, waxed, and buffed, and all walls, surfaces, nooks, and crannies cleaned out.


White walls are common for new properties. It provides homeowners with a blank canvas that’s easier to design however they’d like. Yet, white walls really aren’t all that inviting or “homey”. To start making your new house feel like a home you should start looking for paint colors. Find colors that suit your personal style and evoke positive emotions. If you loved the paint from your old place, there’s certainly nothing wrong with using those same colors in your new house.


You’re never going to feel like you’re at home if you’re living out of boxes for months. So, after you’ve thoroughly cleaned and painted the walls, begin unpacking your personal belongings. Though you can start anywhere, it’s often best to start with the bedrooms and then work your way into other commonly used areas of the house until you’ve finished.

Add Furniture

If you’re like most individuals, chances are you got rid of a lot of things from your old house. Purging before a move saves you money and frees up space in your new place. However, if the house is feeling a bit empty, perhaps you should start looking for the appropriate furniture to fill things in. Adding an antique dresser and side table to the master bedroom, a comfy sectional in the family room, and a modern chair and table set in the dining room fills the place up and makes it feel more like home.

Hang Pictures

What better way to start feeling at home than to have familiar faces hanging on your walls? Family photos are a great decor element to add to your house. They remind you of special people and moments in time providing additional comfort and an inviting vibe. You can throw in a few pieces of artwork like vintage paintings with the photographs to kind of mix up the flow of the decor in each room.


Your new place is finally starting to look and feel like home. Now all you need to do is start adding some personal touches. Home decor accessories can take a room from generic to comfortable and inviting in an instant. Incorporate things like vases, statues, throw pillows, area rugs, plants, bowls, flowers, clocks, mirrors, and more to tie your vision for your new house together.

Invite People Over

Being alone in your new place can get depressing. To boost your spirits and start making new memories that make it feel more like home, invite people over. You can host a housewarming party or just have a few friends and relatives over for conversation and a nice meal. The more moments you share with others in your house, the more it starts to feel like your own.

Give It Time

As much as you want your new house to feel like a home, you have to remember these things take time. Just as it took you time to create a home in the past, it will be the same for your new place.  Unless you have an unlimited budget, it can take months before you’re able to get everything fully furnished, painted, and designed just the way you want it. Just find ways to enjoy the process and don’t stress.

You may honestly be excited about the new life and opportunities that lay ahead for you when you move, but that doesn’t mean you won’t miss what you’ve left behind. To make the emotional transition of moving into a new place easier, begin taking the proper steps to turn your house into a home.

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