8 Hacks That Will Make You Appear Smarter At Work

First day at work? You must be feeling the nerves.

People at work can be intimidating, especially when you are a newbie. You will either become a friend or a threat to someone. Even though you have to meet daily performance standards, you also have to take the time to impress your higher-ups. Not to mention your colleagues, who you need to have a friendly relationship with and avoid drama.

Appearing smart at work, even when you feel like you’re not, can make you look like someone who shouldn’t be messed with. On top of that, your higher-ups will always feel like they have made the right decision in hiring you.

So, let’s get started with the top eight hacks to make you appear smarter at work!

1. Sleek Eyewear

You can make yourself look smarter just by putting on a pair of glasses. But don’t go for the cheap, regular ones. Invest in a top brand of eyewear, so that they will last you a long time while maintaining quality.

We don’t recommend round rims, because they don’t fit the work environment. Square and semi-square glasses will give you that edge to look smart.

A simple pair with black square rims are a perfect choice. Glasses with neutral colors will go with any outfit, so start investing in them right away!

2. Outfits with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are not vibrant or inviting. In fact, they give off a serious, sober look, which is exactly what you need!

You want to look smart and formal. That is why now is the time to update your wardrobe and start wearing outfits of colors, such as black, grey, beige, and olive.

Stick to strict black, white, or brown shoes. Do the same for your handbags and accessories as well.

Smart people are organized and put together. Change your wardrobe to neutral tones, and you will look as professional as your colleagues.

3. Body Language

If you are only pretending to be smart, your body language will give you away. Therefore, you also need to perfect your body language.

First and foremost, you need to correct your posture and make sure that your spine is always straight. Second, don’t let your limbs stay in awkward positions. Your arms should either be on your desk or chair, and you can sit cross-legged.

Don’t slouch or lean against your chair inconveniently. Instead, practice power poses to instantly boost your confidence on the inside and on the outside.

4. Vocal Clarity

Unless you read many books, it may be hard for you to come up with a long list of topics to talk about. Instead of trying to impress your colleagues and managers with intellectual conversation, say less, but with clarity.

You are not going to appear smart if your voice is shaking and confused every time you open your mouth. Don’t be afraid of anybody. Express yourself clearly, authentically, and with confidence.

Whenever you need to speak, mind your tone. You may need some training with public speaking and pronunciation, especially with international brands!

5. Composed Makeup and Hair

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that you can’t go overboard with your hair and makeup at work. You have to keep everything professional, which means that you need to look composed and smart.

Simple, professional hairdos and makeup will save you a lot of time in the morning, and prevent you from getting to work late. A high bun or a sleek ponytail can make you look super smart and put together.

On the other hand, wear a lightweight foundation, or BB cream to work. Put on some mascara and lipstick to complete the look. Do your eyebrows as well.

According to a study, red lipstick gives you a more competent and trustworthy look. This is an instant trick to look smarter.

6. Basic Etiquette

In order to be known as a smart person at work, you must demonstrate that you are polished in the art of basic etiquette.

You should never be late to work. This is a major blasphemy to someone with proper etiquette.

It may be hard not to overhear someone talking at work, but it is better to keep your mind to yourself. Intruding into other people’s space doesn’t demonstrate good etiquette.

Please never gossip. It is distasteful and makes you look immature.

Be polite in your speech. Keep things professional, and always give people a strong handshake for the best impression.

7. Grooming

To look put together and smart, you must make sure that you groom yourself now and then. This includes grooming your hair, nails, skin, and also your body.

Oily, damaged or frizzy hair is not going to make your hair-do look sleek. You have to take care of your hair so that it looks better.

On the other hand, pimples and acne on your face say a lot about your lifestyle. Although sometimes it may be for genetic reasons, how can you look flawless if your skin is not?

When your nails look manicured, your status is automatically raised in the eyes of your colleagues. Uneven, dirty nails don’t give off a professional vibe at all.

Finally, go to the gym. When your muscles are toned, you will look stronger and outstanding in your outfits. Your manager won’t think twice before assigning you the next project.

8. Smart Tweaks

Instead of wearing that round-collared blouse, wear the one with the high collar or a turtleneck. It will add a certain amount of smartness to your demeanor.

Thick fabrics with a rich texture that won’t crease easily should be your go-to outfits for work. Not only will you save time and money on not ironing them, these fabrics will also last longer than their thinner alternatives.

Whatever you wear, please make sure that it fits you perfectly. A skirt that is too tight, or blazers that are too loose, will kill the smart look that you’ve been trying to achieve. It’s okay to spend on little tweaks here and there because the outcome is so worth it.

Finally, you want to smell fresh and approachable to be considered smart in your workplace. suggests you wear your favorite perfume in order to leave a lasting impression.  

Our career defines who we are. So, it’s important for us to give our best into the career that destiny has selected for us.

The last thing you will want is to be considered insignificant and useless at work. Hence, you need to make sure that you are on top of your game and looking smart whenever you’re in the office.

These basic hacks will get you a long way towards your career path, no matter which field of work you’re involved in. We hope that you found this article helpful and motivational to push you up the career ladder!

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