How To Feel And Look Good This Summer

Look good this summer by trying these tricks.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘beach body’ one too many times, accompanied by pictures of skinny, scantily dressed ‘beach babes.’ Seeing these images of ‘perfect’ bodies on social media and on TV, has left a lot of us lacking confidence when it comes to our own bodies. However, it’s important to try and be confident whatever your shape and size. And above all, having a healthy body is what is actually really attractive. Starving yourself to get the right shape or being unhealthy with your lifestyle to look good is not attractive and you’re only setting up problems for yourself in the future. Therefore, go about looking good the right way and start from the inside out. Start by eating well, feeling good, and then this will improve the look of our outer shell. It’s a tale as old as time, but beauty, sleep and lots of water can work miracles on the body, especially our skin. Look at taking some time out for you and looking at Revela plant medicine retreats, it’s time to start looking at what we put into our bodies and other methods such as plant medicine can hold some positive benefits! 

Getting confident quicker 

I know it can be hard to be confident, especially when your body may not necessarily be what the media portrays as perfect. But as long as you’re a healthy shape and size, that’s all that matters. If you’re heading off for a beach break soon, you may be stressing about your size and shape. However, it’s important to realise that you’re perfect just as you are. To help you feel more confident when sunning yourself – although even if this year we don’t get on a lavish holiday, we still may opt for something local or even in our own garden, you still want to feel great! 

The power of good skin! 

Ask any celebrity their secret to looking sultry and sexy on the beach, and I bet they say it’s a good spray tan. But for darker skinned women, this just isn’t an option. We can highlight our skin and keep it looking glowing and that’s exactly what you need to do in order to start looking great! People with the darkest of skin still need to use sunscreen. However, you can leave your skin upto an hour to soak in vitamin D. People with darker skin tend to take longer for the vitamin D to absorb, but protecting your skin is vital. You could use some skin products that add a little shimmer to the skin such as a glitter body oil or some glitter spray which will give your skin a little dazzle and will also catch the sun when you’re out and about.

Pick swimwear that fits well

The number one rule of looking and feeling good on the beach is choosing swimwear that fits your body. Keeping fit is the best way to do this but remember that we all have different sizes and shapes, and that’s perfectly fine. But what isn’t fine is trying to squeeze into a swimsuit because it looks amazing on your friend. Your body won’t mirror your friend’s, so to look good on the beach you need to find a swimsuit style that works for you. Head to your local shopping centre and spend the day trying on different cuts of swimwear, to find a bikini that works for your size and shape. If you find a bikini that fits perfectly, you’ll feel much happier and more confident for it. 

Don’t forget to get the accessories that you need! 

As well as finding the perfect swimwear, it’s also important to pick out a few well thought out accessories. It’s the little things, like a cute sarong, a stylish pair of earrings, or a bedazzled belly bar, that can make all the difference. There are some fantastic sites where you can buy a cute belly button piercing online, as well as lots of other stylish accessories. Believe it or not, having your nails painted in a pretty colour can make a big difference to how happy and confident you feel. As can having your hair in a pretty style. So it’s a good idea to get your hair and nails, to ensure that you feel as happy and confident as possible.

If you want to ensure that while sunning yourself, you feel confident, take the above tips on board but be sure to do them with health at the forefront of your mind too. Looking great is amazing but if you’re not healthy underneath, then really it’s of no benefit to you or anyone. 

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