Listen To This Amazing Guided Meditation That Black Zen Created For Female Entrepreneurs

With the rise of popular wellness sites like Black Girls in Om and Noire Care, there is no doubt that self-care and mental wellness are on the radar for women of color. We believe that there is indeed power in taking time in one’s day to pause and reflect; meditation has been scientifically proven to improve memory, increase positive thoughts and boost social connections.

Sisters Stacey and Jasmine Johnson along with Sherna Lee are on a mission to help people of color thrive and that’s why they created Black Zen, a mobile app that focuses on “meditation with soul”. Sherna says that the idea for the app emerged once the women realized the tremendous impact that meditation had on their own lives. They decided they wanted to make the practice more appealing to people that looked like them in hopes that people of color would not only try out meditation, but actually continue to practice it on a more daily basis.

“The app is going to give our people life. It’s unlike anything on the market both in function and the meditation style,” Sherna told BAUCE. “It features a special training mode, that anyone can get the hang of. Beyond meditation, it’s a social experience. You will come away from it knowing that you can get the life you’ve dreamed of and make those moves that will impact how your story unfolds.”

Black Zen will launch in 2017 on both Androids and iOS, but in the meantime the founders of the app created a treat exclusively for our audience! The guided meditation below will help you boost your confidence and set you in BAUCE mode so you can tackle your day with intention and grace. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.




  1. Shariyah Gordon

    January 24, 2017 at 10:06 am

    This is love! Can’t wait to experience such a treat!

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