9 Podcasts That Will Teach You How To Make More Money

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Here are nine podcasts for our readers that will help boost your financial knowledge and keep your dollars flowing.

There’s no longer an excuse to not having some money education in your back pocket. There are more resources now more than ever that will teach you the ins and outs of personal and business finances. Here are nine podcasts for our readers that will help boost your financial knowledge and keep your dollars flowing.

1. The Side Hustle Show

This podcast is centred around starting a side-hustle outside of the 9-5 to provide a source of passive income for everyday people. So if you’re looking to start a business to make more cash or have a business you’d like to expand to increase financial stability, this one’s for you. The podcast is Hosted by Nick Loper, Chief Side-Hustler at SideHustleNation.com. You can check out recent episodes like “How to build a $60k a Year Part-time” and “The Middle-Man Method, How To Turn Trash Into Treasure”.

2. SO Money

Hosted by author, speaker, and award-winning financial correspondent Farnoosh Torabi, SO Money provides daily podcasts tailored to personal and business finances along with personal development tips. You’ll learn about the financial trials and successes of top business mavens. She answers her audience’s questions on Fridays, so get those questions in!

3. Smart Passive Income

The Smart Passive Income podcast is brought to you by Pat Flynn who teaches his audience how to build their wealth from his personal nothing-to-something story after he was laid off from his job. He teaches strategies on how to start a side business with minimal resources. His most recent episode “Make Money With Your Skills” is one sure to listen in on!

4. AdultingTv

These self-proclaimed “anti-gurus” understand the need for this generation’s financial educational needs and desires. Along with their help financial blog posts on their site, the Adulting Podcasts offers amazing insight to adolescent finances with recent episodes like “Sky-High Credit Score” and “College Dropout, Make Good Money Without A Four-Year Degree”. Harlan L. Landes and Miranda Marquit created their platform for all of the financial and adult illiterate.

5. Honest Money Podcasts 

Cait Flanders and Carrie S. Nicholson bring their authenticity to this money podcast by providing the young adult crowd with tips on how to change their relationship with finances and managing it better. Making money into an authentic conversation about the role money plays in different aspects of one’s young life, the podcast is an easy and informative listen. You can listen to recent episodes like “Answering Fun Money Questions” and “Feeling Good About Money” by Subscribing via iTunesSoundCloud and Google Play.

6. Millennial Money

Millennial Money is hosted by Certified Financial Planner Shannah Compton Game. She approaches each episode with easy to understand and relatable tips for personal finances. She wants to her this generation to not be afraid of talking about money by expanding their knowledge in money. You can always drop a line or submit her a money question by connecting with her via http://www.yourmillennialmoney.com/contact-me/,Twitter @shannahgame, Instagram @shannahgame. You should also check out her recent episodes like “Best of the Best Money Apps, Programs, Products and More” and “How You Earn, Save, And Spend Your Money”.

7. Money Girl’s quick and dirty tips for a richer life

Need quick tips for your money? Money Girl’s quick and dirty tips for a richer life podcast is one to check out. Providing their audience with tips on personal finance, real estate, and investing topics to help one live a richer life on any level of finances. Her recent episodes include “5 Ways to Know When You Should Start Investing” and “Tricks to Travel More With Less Money and Time”.

8. Radical Personal Finance

Joshua Sheats “Radical Personal Finance” teaches his audience how to gain financial freedom. From his experience as a professional financial advisor, he is able to tell you what works in finances and what you should steer clear from. From topics on financial goals and plans, Joshua wants to effectively help his audience work their plan until they become free from finances. You can check out his most recent episodes like “543 – How to Save More Money Without Hurting Your Lifestyle” and “532 – Spending Money to Save Money“.

9. Money For The Rest of Us

Money For The Rest of Us is a podcast for everyday people who manage their own finances. With new episodes released each Wednesday, David Stein a financial advisor provides his audience with tips on how money, the economy, and financial markets work through step by step guides and easy tips. You can check out his most recent episode, “Why Plan If Life Is So Unpredictable?” and “188: Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest“.

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