Know Your Worth: How To Get Your Company To Pay You What You Deserve

There are five ways you will know if your employer values you and your skills.

Every single morning, you get up, get dressed, pour your coffee and head to work. Whatever your ultimate career goals may be, you’ve got the job of your dreams, and you are hustling every single day to keep that job running smoothly for you. Have you ever stopped, though, to wonder whether your workplace knows your value? Do they take it for granted that you show up every day?

It’s common knowledge that your employer could replace you within a week if you had to leave your job. However, it doesn’t have to be that way and the only way to make it hard to be replaceable is if you know your worth and you demand better. It’s not just about equal pay in the workplace, it’s about knowing what you would be worth to your employer and understanding how not to be replaceable.

You need to research everything about your role in companies that aren’t your current one, and you need to know whether you are being offered everything that you should be being offered. Every company has a budget for their staff, but knowing your worth isn’t just a financial thing. It’s knowing whether you are valued as a person, an individual. But how do you know this? Well, here are five ways you will know if your employer values you and your skills:

1. They’ll tell you whether you are worth anything to them. If the company that you work for values your input, you’ll likely be the first to hear about it.

2. They’ll show you with pay increases that are on par with your level that you are working at. They’ll give you flexibility in your work schedule when you need it. They will openly show you that you’re worth something.

3. They’ll give you their time to help you to further your career. They’ll sit and evaluate where you’re at and where you’re going, with room for employee improvement.

4. They’ll respect your personal time away from the office, asking you to do overtime only when absolutely necessary. They won’t ask you to give your time up unless they absolutely need you to.

5. They’ll accommodate your needs when emergencies crop up and you need to get out of work early. There are going to be times when you need to be given some flexibility and they won’t have a problem with this.

A company that doesn’t value you will make it obvious. You will feel that neglect; as if you aren’t worth much at all. You will feel like you have nothing going for you because they’ll make a point of holding back on what you’re doing well and how you’re doing well.

You need to be able to be brave and call a meeting with your boss. Call and ask them how things are going. You may still be in a job, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing everything right: you’re only human, you’re bound to make mistakes sometimes. You need to gain some courage and ASK how you are getting on; then, and only then, will you know your true worth.

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1 Comment

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