Ditch the Salon With This NYC Luxury At-Home Beauty Bar for Women of Color

We know Covid-19 has changed up our beauty routine quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean we have to give it up indefinitely! Knotty NYC is calling all beauty enthusiast to try out their luxury at-home beauty bar offering hair, nails, and makeup services at your convenience! They send a licensed beauty professional to your front door to slay the look of your dreams! If you’re looking for a bomb gel manicure or some knotless box braids, they got you covered!

With Covid-19 still causing anxiety for those who aren’t comfortable going into a salon just yet, the Founder and CEO Tiffany Drysdale-Lombardo believes that Knotty NYC can offer customers the level of comfort they need. “Personally, I understand why clients might feel uneasy about entering into a salon with other people present. Knotty NYC can offer clients the ability to get their hair, nails, and makeup done in a space they know is clean and sanitized to their liking, their home.” 

The founder also adds that “Knotty Stylists perform each appointment following specific Covid-19 safety guidelines that have been implemented, which includes wearing a mask during the duration of the appointment, taking off their shoes before entering into a client’s apartment, and washing their hands before the appointment begins.” 

Knotty NYC’s prices are super affordable, considering the level of convenience that they offer. Their most popular appointment, medium box braids, starts at $200; a gel manicure will run you about $50, and a bomb makeup look is only $100! Luxury and convenient services shouldn’t break the bank and Knotty NYC believes it should be accessible to everyone!

The brand saw a gap in the mobile beauty space and recognized that many of the services out there do not consider the needs of women of color! They worked to change that by offering everything from Knotless Box Braids to feed-in cornrows, and they ensure that their makeup artists are well versed in working with women with melanin!

Founded in 2018, Knotty NYC’s mission lies in adding inclusivity to the mobile beauty space, and they pride themselves on offering services catering to women of color. Having garnered the attention of Refinery 29, The Zoe Report and Squarespace, Knotty NYC is proud to play a role in revamping the beauty experience for everyday women!

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This guest post was written by The Knotty NYC team.

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