Keep Your Pet Safe: Reasons Why You Should Use a Pet Tracking Collar

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Considering the time, love, and funds you invest in your furry friend, you absolutely don’t want to lose him. It may alarm you to know that according to the American Humane Society, close to 10 million pets in the U.S. are lost with around 6 million of them ending up in animal shelters. These numbers indicate that most pets who are lost probably can’t find their way home which is why, some good soul drops them off where they will be safe.

To avoid such a situation arising with your four-legged friend, you could consider investing in modern technology such as the microchip and pet tracking collar. These devices can help you track your dog or cat so that in case the animal is lost, you can find and bring him home safely. Alternatively, if someone finds your pet wandering around, the gadget can help reveal the owner’s details so your little friend is restored to you.

How Microchips Work

Microchips are essentially ID tags that are placed under the skin of the animals so that they can be identified as this feature on PetFinder explains. Most such chips are around 11-14 mm in length and 2-2.2 mm thickness. Using a syringe, the vet may insert the device between the shoulder blades of your pet without causing any discomfort. This tiny chip carries a 15-digit ID that indicates the owner’s name and other details so you can be contacted.

Anyone finding your lost furry friend can use a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner to read the numbers and inform you. The best positive of this device is that it is placed under the skin and that eliminates the chance of your pooch getting it off and being impossible to retrieve. Further, you won’t have to worry about battery life. On the flip side, the chip cannot be used to locate the geographical location of the animal. That’s where pet tracking collars come in.

How Pet Tracking Collars Work

Pet tracking collars have a tiny device attached to them that are connected wirelessly to your phone. At any time, if you cannot find the animal, go ahead and open your phone and have the integrated software give you the location of the little guy with precision of a 5-foot radius. But these are not the only positives of relying on the tracking gadgets. We can give you a whole bunch more.

  • The tracking devices come pre-programmed and are ready to use out of the box. Even if you aren’t especially tech-savvy, you can use the gadgets comfortably without the need for assistance.
  • Most pet location collars are compatible with all phones including iPhones, Androids, and Windows handsets.
  • While the devices do work on batteries, they typically have power-savings modes that allow the battery to have a long life such as night-time and AWAY modes. Some devices also include a power button so you can switch off the gadget when you know your friend is asleep or in for the night. This feature helps with added battery life.
  • Pet tracking collars are typically lightweight and easily manageable so you can attach them without adding unwanted weight on the animal’s neck.
  • Given that your four-legged friend may be out in the rain or choose to take a dip, tracking gadgets are typically waterproof and won’t die because of exposure to moisture.
  • Most companies selling you tracking devices may also offer you a subscription. Under the package, if the gadget is lost in 2 years from the purchase date, you’ll get a free replacement.
  • If you own multiple pets, you can always take it off one dog and place it around the neck of another.

Program Your Pet Tracking Collar to Suit Your Needs

Modern-day pet tracking devices allow you to program them with your requirements. Here are some of the typical features you can expect.

  • You’ll get SOS and SMS alerts to inform you if the animal is walking out of a preset boundary or radius.
  • If the device is unable to detect your furry friend’s whereabouts or is not functioning, you’ll be notified.
  • Like this article on HealthyPets describes, you’ll get real-time feed of exactly where the pooch is and his possible activities.
  • Depending on the particular gadget you’ve chosen, it may also send you information that the dog is barking, battery levels are low, or unexpected changes in temperature.
  • If you would like a history of the movements of your little friend, the device can send you a record.

Pet tracking collars are an essential accessory if your dog is allowed to roam without any restrictions like, for instance, if you live on a farm or you have a backyard where you let the animal play around. If the dog escapes the yard or farm boundaries, you can always pinpoint his location whether he is moving or staying still and bring him back home.

Possible Downsides of the Pet Tracking Device

While pet tracking devices are helpful, you must understand that they have their limitations. To begin with, there is always a possibility of the collar getting caught somewhere and falling off. Further, if thieves spot your furry friend, one of the first things they’ll likely do is lose the collar. If the animal isn’t wearing the device, it could be hard to locate him. But if he is wearing a chip, the finder might look for the owner’s contact details and let you know that your pet is safe.

To keep your four-legged friend protected, you can now rely on technology to track down his location and bring him home. While both microchips and pet tracking collars work well individually, you can consider using them both together for added security. Combine the positives of both devices to create a safe environment for your pet so he does not wander off and get lost. Reinforce the gadgets with careful training and you may never have to worry about runaway pets again.

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