How To Keep Your Schedule Organized While Working From Home

No matter how appealing work from home may sound, it also comes with challenges.

In today’s world, the concept of work is changing. If several decades ago there was a strict line between home life and work life, today it has started to vanish. With the help of technologies, we become able to perform most of the office tasks at home. No wonder the number of people who choose this type of lifestyle is growing. But no matter how appealing work from home may sound, it also comes with challenges.

You should be prepared for unexpected events that may happen while you are trying the new lifestyle. Many factors can easily distract and prevent you from keeping on schedule. Especially if someone is always nearby. Whether it be your new coworker referring to you as a “Mom” or your pet. 

Avoid distractions

According to Oberlo, one needs to minimize distractions while working from home if they want to ensure productivity. Disable notifications on your smartphone. Make sure that nobody is bothering you. Finally, focus on your work and do not look for ways for opportunities to procrastinate.

Keep a routine

Working from home should not prevent you from changing your everyday habits. If you used to read a book or listen to your favorite podcast while you are on a commute to work, keep doing it. It does not mean that if you are living and working under the same roof, something has to change radically. This is especially so if this kind of activity helps you relax or focus before starting a new workday.

Just remember to keep timing in case this morning ritual will start to last too long. It is not an excuse to pamper yourself with extra free time. The more you deviate from your usual agenda, the harder it will be to stick to a schedule.

Stick to the schedule 

It may seem that you do not need to write anything down and could easily manage your daily tasks and follow them on time. Believe it or not, it is very easy to lose track of your time. And when Friday comes, you will see that half of the work is not yet done. So, do not hesitate to take a little bit of time to prepare the list of tasks needed to be done. And always keep it in a visible place so that you can track it and follow it easily.

While working from home, it is harder to keep the rules than it is at your desk in your office. You do not have the manager standing behind your back and asking when the work will be done. So you have to make it a habit to always do a plan, at least for the upcoming several days. This way, you will not only know what work needs to be done but also be able to rethink your daily plan and make it more efficient.

Make your working hours clear to others

Remember to set boundaries between work life and home life. To be more specific, let others know that working from home does not mean that you are more available to others. Whether or not it will be your partner, roommate, or pet. Unless it is your child who needs to be fed, let others know what your work schedule is, and then you can be disrupted. Normally, you are not interrupted in the middle of the meeting with questions, like “what is for dinner?” or “where I left the keys?”.

Thus, if it is not an emergency, make it clear then your working hours are, and then you are having a break. It will make you feel more like being in the office and have a more productive day.

Keep focused

Do not let your surroundings interfere with your work. Working from home does not let you mess around on social media and other stuff on the internet, which you usually do at home. Such activities can have a negative impact on the efficiency and results of your work. If you can set boundaries between your work and family or friends, then you are also able to give up entertainment while you work.

The best way to do that is to just simply log off of your accounts completely or remove any shortcuts from your working environment. This should keep you from the temptation of performing irrelevant activities and focus on your work.

Create workspace suitable for you

How you will set up your home office will affect your ability to concentrate. If you are unable to do that, you also will be unable to keep on your schedule. So, try to find a place at your home where you can feel most comfortable. Do not be afraid to remodel your room according to your work requirements. Turn away from any distraction, take out the TV if it is necessary. Make it a simple workspace.

Do not worry if you can not get used to these changes at first. Over time you will get used to the new environment, and your concentration and productivity will only get better.

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