Jewelry to Radiate Freshness into Your Winter Wardrobe

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From the most lucid and flowy necklaces to the wildly stunning bracelets, the upcoming winter is undoubtedly going to push those envelopes and bring some fresh jewelry pieces on the celluloid. We have already seen some teasers of that in the most prominent fashion shows earlier this year. The season, without a doubt, will put daring pieces out there, which are going to be bold statement pieces.

Jewelry now, more than ever, has been related to the lucky charms. All the glittery gemstones placed on necklaces protect one from the external world. Adding them to your jewelry collection will add more value and variety. Single earring has also made quite an impression in the fashion world. But if one jewelry piece has gotten the loudest cheer and has become a hot favorite, it has to be long-chain pendants. It deserves to be in your winter wardrobe. 

Below are five such jewelry pieces that add freshness to your winter jewelry collection and give it a new life. Read on. 

1. Long Chain Pendants

Long chains are vital to having a fashionable winter since one can experiment with various looks, try on different outfits, add more colors, geometrical shapes, and wear statement pieces. Although chains are an excellent way to express one’s style, we recommend a chunkier look that can contrast nicely with your trench coats and turtlenecks. It can be a large locket, planked with a mega-sized stone in the middle; you can also opt for neutral colors and metals to go with a heavy outfit. We recommend shifting from diamonds and trying subtle, translucent colors instead. Natural jewels such as Emeralds, Opals, Topaz, Shungite, and Sapphire are great for pairing with monochromatic outfits, as well as their healing properties. Shungite Jewelry is known for its various health properties. The stone facilitates healing of the body ailments and brings relief by treating different skin diseases, inflammatory, allergic reactions, joint pains, backaches, and other conditions. It can also soak up harmful EMFs released from daily gadgets and aligns the body’s chakras into their natural state. 

2. Floral Drop Earrings

The perfect way to add drama to your ensembles is by dressing up your ears in cheerful shapes and vibrant colors. While leather jackets and blazers are vital to keeping one cozy in the cold weather, a hint of sunshine or warm surprise is always welcome. It’s safer to wear drop earrings; in case if you cover yourself with a hat or wool cap, it will still peek through the button and add the sparkle and shine that’s missing in your look. Floral shapes have been an inspiration for jewelry designers for years now. Even in the cold seasons, they still hold relevance and add a summer-inspired prettiness and charm to your look. In a bluish-purple tone, the Tanzanite earrings are everything that a woman can dream of to have a standout piece. The additional clusters of diamonds engraved to the piece add the ‘extra’ sparkle to the cloudy days and instantly lift your spirits.

3. Medallion Charms Bracelets

Charm bracelets are essential to every winter wardrobe – as they’re playful, customizable, and devoid of any dullness. One can style using small studs, rhinestones, charms, motifs in different metals, colors, shapes, and sizes. The most important thing is to look from an entire universe of charms to discover those who speak to you personally. You may even choose to customize the treats you like into something unique and meaningful, like an engraving. Personalized bracelets can be treasured for a lifetime, it acts as an anchor, and keeps you going even in challenging situations. For the winter months, when you’re craving a little pick-me-up, wear an adornment that represents you as an individual and challenges or inspires you creatively. This accessory will stick with you for so long that you’ll never want to take it off. 

4. Layered Necklaces

Light, breezy, layered necklaces can carry you from daywear to nightwear without batting your lid. The best part about wearing layered necklaces is that one can choose endless combinations and styles to try different looks with their outfits. For a more artistic look, you can wear a long pendant chain alone or pair it with layered chains in metallic tones, with irregular lengths, links, and settings. There are endless possibilities, from talismans, coins, initials, bars, evil-eyes, etc.; necklaces prove versatile and functional. 

5. Enamel Hoops

The latest obsession this summer has been enamel jewelry, and for all the good reasons. Carry this standout style into your winter fits by playing around with bright, neon colors that offer a nice contrast for your neutral outfits and a distinctive summer-spring feel to your overall look. Wearing long sleeves and layers of closed necks can disrupt how jewelry sits or blends into an outfit – which is why the ears are the most prominent way to add maximum character and spark. Brighter colors can pack a punch, go as wild as you like with enlarged sizes, textures, shapes, settings with colorful stones, pearls, etc. The bolder the style, the better. 

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