This Is How To Handle Jealous People and Haters With Class

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Make those trolls disappear with a flick of your wrist.

Who are haters? Basically, they are people who, for whatever reasons, do not like you. These reasons could vary; they may be envy with your fame, success or achievements. An average hater on the internet leaves negative comments on everything a person does without reason. A hater is sometimes called a troll, as he/she wants to raise their own self-esteem by miscalling others and commenting your behavior. But don’t fret – here’s how to handle haters and jealous people with class.

It is very easy to be hated

In a technological era we live now, it has become very easy to get under gunpoint of haters and jealous people. No matter you are an ordinary freelance writer or a businessman, if you have your own point of view on everything, are extremely creative and stay yourself no matter what happens, you can easily become a target for haters.

Haters are everywhere

Anyone can easily transform into a hater — even former friends can become enemies. But you should be well-equipped and know what to do in this case. Most jealous people are anonymous and prefer staying online. In fact, a person who hates somebody is afraid of something. It is proven that haters who try to knock you down are experiencing some sort of fear in their lives. And this fear reflects in aggression towards you.

Search inside

Some people, especially if they are your closest friends, do really know your weaknesses. If a person finds this weak button, you start being aggressive and defend yourself. This is not because they have said something bad about you, but because deep inside you think that they might be right. This can hurt you the most, especially if you continue digging yourself into this issue. However, the best way to handle people who want to hurt you by pointing out your weakness is by calming down, taking a deep breath and trying to assess the situation properly.

The rule of 24 hours

Have you ever heard of the rule of 24 hours? If someone attacks you, you immediately start experiencing negative emotions. The rule of 24 hours is based on the statement that if you do not react to an attack, it will disappear in 24 hours. But if you have answered your offender even once, you should reset this timer. You will need 24 hours more for your aggression to calm down. The answering to aggression is the main reason for the existence of many frozen conflicts that last forever. Those who are engaged into them can’t stop and conflicts become eternal.

Hatred is viral

Do not forget that hatred is viral. The same like a knife can hurt your body, hatred can hurt your soul. Thus, do not envy and spread only positive vibes, and this will return to you. By writing negative thoughts, a hater badly influences not only the person he is jealous of, but himself as well. Of course, attractive, rich, famous and intelligent people can be intimidating. And they force us to hold a mirror to ourselves; this is why we can become jealous and disappointed or, on the contrary, inspired to grow and become a solid person.


30/30/30  is a very good practice when speaking on how to deal with jealous people. You must understand clearly that there will always be 30% of people who like you, 30% who hate you, and 30% of those who stay neutral. This means that you should always do what you like no matter what others think of you and your behavior. You have to improve yourself every day and when seeing a negative feedback about you, just recall about the rest 30% that support you.

You can be a moon, but still be jealous of the stars. This is a very true statement as most of the haters do not believe in themselves that is why this feeling appears. However, it is better not to get jealous of people, because you just waste your time while those people live wonderful lives. Being jealous of some skills, money or anything else will not help you to become better as that is only you who can do it.

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