It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Closet, Girl!

woman-cleaning-closetAs we slowly transition away from freezing cold temperatures, the desire to fill our closets with springy pastels and new looks is hard to ignore. However, before you depart on your next shopping trip, consider cleaning out your closet this spring to make room for new essentials. It’s all too easy to pile on the mess. So, here’s what you can do to keep your racks straight as the warm weather arrives.

  • Remove anything you haven’t worn in two years. It’s hard to depart with clothing that you’ve purchased with your own hard-earned money. But sometimes the things hanging in our closets are products of shopping binges and overindulgence. If there are items in your closet that you know you’re never going to wear, remove them and either donate them to a thrift store or sell them on eBay. This clears up space and could also help you rack in some extra change. 
  • Pack Away Those Boots, Girl. Some of us ladies are shoe fanatics. Instead of allowing your boots to over-clog your closet floor space, consider purchasing a tub that you could place them into during warmer months. This trick will keep you from feeling overwhelmed when you look into your closet and reduce the number of  “I don’t know what to wear!” days.
  • Have way too many dresses? Buy hangers with multiple hooks. Your closet should be neatly assembled — not a prime example of what it would look like if a tornado blew through. Consider installing some space-saving tools in your closet, such as shoe racks or hangers with multiple hooks. Also, if that space under your bed is super dusty and empty, clean it out and consider using under-the-bed storage bags or bins to pack away any winter weather items that you won’t need as summer approaches.
  • Organize your clothing by item rather than color. Color coordination may seem like the easiest way to sift through your closet but it can also create confusion in the morning when you start pummeling through items that you don’t need (like thick sweaters or long-sleeved dresses). Consider organizing your clothing by item, then color so that your blazers have one section and your dresses own your own. This way, you’ll know exactly where to look each day when you pick out your outfits.
  • Have a swapping party with your friends. If you’d rather not depart with your items permanently, consider having a swapping party with friends. Gather together all the old shoes, clothing, and accessories you don’t need anymore and bring them to one of your girlfriend’s spots. Then throw everything in the middle and allow for your friends to ravage through and take home items that they’d like. Not only is a great bonding experience, but you’ll also get to take home new items without spending a dime!

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