Getting Money: How To Slay Your Next Investor Pitch

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In today’s world, being able to get what you want (albeit, need) from people, is a God given talent. No matter what the subject matter is, or who it is that you’re talking to, having your way in certain situations certainly takes practice, patience, and a whole lotta’ hustle. BAUCE women have to come prepared with different ways to accomplishing their goals. Being able to sell yourself and your brand is very valuable in today’s world and being able to do it off top gets you extra brownie points. Don’t be afraid to practice your pitches, all BAUCE women do!

Of course, who other than to help you do that than we here at BAUCE. We have created a list of ways that we feel you can absolutely slayyyy your investors pitch. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, but we want to make sure that you’re prepared for it when it happens!

1. Know what you are selling.

Please.. please.. please. I’m begging you! Know what it is and why it is your product is to be desired. You have to know what you are selling. Simply giving a pitch for a product that no one can find useful is ineffective and waste of everyone’s time. Do everyone a huge solid by going in there with a clear statement as to what it is your product can offer. The Sales Board does a great job on explaining how not to make what you’re selling another commodity and the importance of knowing your product.

2. Leave little to the imagination.

 Do not leave your audience guessing. Get straight to the point. You don’t want to overwhelm people with possibilities. Give it to them straight and let them know immediately what it is you need from them to produce a prospering brand.

3. Describe your target market.

A target audience is who you’re selling to. Knowing exactly who your consumer is can help you go a long way. When you know who your target market is, your are able to identify who your competition is. In this article How to Define your Target Market found on Inc., you’ll find many helpful and constructive tips on how to do this first hand.

4. Get their attention immediately.

Grabbing an investor’s attention is critical. The very first words to come from your mouth should be as compelling as it is provocative. Growing up, to get the attention of a crush or anyone for that matter, we usually had to go out of our way in some way or fashion. It’s the same thing here! You have to give them a reason to spend money on you. The only way to do this that is by effectively communicating the value of what it is you are offering.

5. Tell a story.

When you want to persuade someone into something, it is good to lock in on those emotions. A good story will inspire, educate, and hold some sort of connection to the listener. People sometimes forget names, titles, etc.-but one thing that usually tends to stick out.. A good story! In this article for Entrepreneur, Sirine Fadoul goes over Four Tips to Tell Your Startup Story Better.

6. Make it short and sweet.

Don’t bore your audience with a wordy spiel about the multiple reasons they should want to invest in you. Save your audience and yourself some time and cut to the chase. What is it that you want? What is it that you can offer this person? An article on Inc. written by Howard Greenstein discuss 4 Tips for Pitching Your Business in Two Minutes breaks this all down for you. Be sure to highlight the benefits they will have by investing in you, as opposed to what their investment could do for you.

7. Explain how you’ll make them moolah…

The only thing on the mind of any smart and logical investor is ‘what is my return in investment’? In other terms, they would like to see your revenue model, the way you intend to give them back their money and then some. The only way to make this possible is to know this information yourself. How do you intend for your business or company to earn revenue? In this article on The Balance, Joshua Kennon goes over 4 Ways to Make Your Investments Grow and they are absolutely critical when starting and growing your business.

8. Anticipate a shit load of questions.. plus more!

 Whenever someone is turning over their hard earned cash to anybody.. they may have a few questions for you. This article written by Jane Porter goes over 10 Questions to Answer Before Pitching to Investors. This should ultimately help you with the questions that most investors may already have on their mind.

Are you thinking about lauching a business or just want to get stronger at developing these BAUCE skills in real life? Consider joining our BAUCE VIP program today! 

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1 Comment

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