Then, honey, you’re in the right place.

Private charted jets. Luxurious vacations on exotic islands. A closet that would make the Kardashians jealous. These are some of the things that come to mind when you think about the lifestyle you could afford as a millionaire. I get it. I’ve dreamed of having millions too. Growing up in a working class immigrant family, I remember what it was like to have nothing. I remember what it was like to rub food stamps together just to eat meals and walking over roaches in a public housing apartment.

Like you, I constantly dreamed of living a better life. I remember telling my mother, “One day when I’m rich I’m going to buy you a new house on the nicer part of town. I’m going to get us all out of here.”

Fifteen years later I sold my first business and can attest that although I’m not millionaire status yet, I’m definitely on my way there. And I want to help you get there too.

What you don’t realize as a child (until you become an adult) is that becoming a self-made millionaire doesn’t happen over night — especially for women. Recent studies show that women make up only 1/3 of the nation’s millionaires. And only 15% of those female millionaires are self-made (meaning their money doesn’t come from inheritances). The wealth gap between men and women is real — but because you are dedicated and hard-working, I know this group is going to help you fix all that.

Our VIP BAUCE membership (aka “Team #NEWMONEY) is for go-getters and hustlers like you that are serious about becoming self-made business women. Getting money is not a game — it’s a lifestyle. You want to lead a life of passion-driven work, achieve financial success and look good while doing it. You are ambitious and know that you need substantial amounts of income to make change happen in the world. Because let’s face it…the people who dictate how things should run in this country are those that posses three things: influence, power and money.

If you’re truly ready to BAUCE up in your life and start adding extra zeros to your bank account, then this program is for you.

At BAUCE we are dedicated to diversifying what it means to be self-made and helping you achieve financial freedom. Our VIP BAUCE membership helps you do that by granting you with access to:

  • educational content (premium articles and audio courses that are only accessible to paid members)
  • a mastermind group (that meets virtually each month to hold you accountable to your finance goals) and
  • a structured business referral network (that will help you gain new clients and make more money)


Not only will you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded women share the same financial and success-growth goals as you, but you will also gain the tools to really do so at a fraction of the cost. This type of hands-on bundled-offering usually costs upwards to a $1000 or more. We understand where you are in life as a growing businesswoman – and want to share our self-made secrets with you comfortably.

What makes the VIP BAUCE Squad Membership different from other platforms?

We get it. There are several online communities that you could be a part of that promise to connect you with bold, diverse career-driven women — but often, they undeliver in quality and lack actionable assets that will show you how to truly be successful. What makes BAUCE different is that we are doing the unparalleled: focusing on financial success for women, particularly multicultural women that tend to have a slower start to the wealth-building game than their counterparts. With our VIP membership, we cut through the #girlboss fluff and get right to the point: how can you actually start making more money today? We give you the tools you need to deliver on that promise so that you can (and will) gain connections and resources that will change the way you live and help you get closer to your money-making goals. Through this program we offer invigorating courses, personalized coaching and hands-on business growth that will transform your confidence and really get you on track to becoming a profitable BAUCE. We don’t just let you talk the talk, we help you walk the walk.

So, how exactly does this work?

Securing a VIP BAUCE Squad membership means that we are committed to you and your financial success. What this membership specifically includes:

  • scheduled virtual mastermind sessions
  • wealth-building assessment and growth plan
  • accountability partners
  • monthly audio courses
  • premium content and digital downloads
  • exclusive referral network


VIP BAUCE Squad members have a three-month commitment upon signup.

Who is the VIP BAUCE Squad Membership for?

This membership is for any women who is serious about become a self-made, financially independent woman. Our virtual program is designed for the millennial women who:

  • has a business idea or side-hustle that she wants to monetize
  • currently freelances or is considering becoming a freelancer
  • has a full-time career but wants multiple streams of income
  • owns a profitable business and is interested in growing her client base
  • wants to become a self-made success but needs to get her finances in order

How much does a VIP BAUCE Squad Membership cost?

If you’re ready to start stacking your paper in a meaningful way, then investing in a VIP BAUCE Membership is your next step. You can access this membership for $24.99/month or save 16% by purchasing an annual membership at the rate of $250/year. VIP memberships have a 3-month commitment upon signup to provide you with enough time to experience the true value of this illustrious group.


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