3 Places Besides New York That Offer Practically Free Tuition

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Did you hear about the free tuition for New York residents? I bet you thought to yourself, I sure wish I could get a degree for free? I mean, who doesn’t want to be awarded a degree without a hefty student loan to pay in the end?

What if I told you that it was possible to complete undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral studies without racking up thousands in student loan debt? Practically for free? Would you be willing to sign up? If so, here are three places besides New York that offer higher education practically for free:

Germany. Many universities in Germany offer degree programs completely in English and free of tuition (depending upon the major). Semester fees are the only thing you’ll be responsible for. According to, tuition fees in Germany range from 200 – 1500 EUR per semester. The best part of getting a graduate degree in Germany? The degrees are recognized here in the U.S. and American employers tend to look favorably upon candidates who have completed study abroad. Add on the fact that there are so many German companies in the U.S. (such as Siemens, BMW and SAP to name a few), whose favor you will immediately gain, once they take a glance at some of the familiar university names on your resume.

Spain. The semester fees vary between 680 – 1400 EUR for each school year. But what makes Spain so different? With Spanish being one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn and the most requested language skills in U.S. job postings, studying in Spain allow you the opportunity to learn Spanish. Being a Spanish speaker gives you a competitive edge as a job seeker. Bonus: not only do you get to learn Spanish, but you also get to learn the queen’s Spanish. Speaking the “original” Spanish is sure to impress future Spanish speaking employers, clients or business contacts.

France. Everything that applies for Germany and Spain also applies for France. Semester fees in France vary between 200 – 650 EU for each school year. France is also one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn. According to, French has the possibility of surpassing both English and Mandarin as the most widely spoken language by 2050. Talk about the wave of the future!

While pursuing a degree in the U.S. shouldn’t be expensive, that’s the sad reality. By considering the option of studying abroad in countries where tuition fees are negligible in comparison to that of the U.S., you also could use the opportunity to learn another language. What’s great about all of this, is that undergraduate and doctoral studies are also available in these countries for nominal fees as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your virtually free degree today!

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