Inside the World of Fashion and Textile Designer Caroline Kaufman

“Art has always been a huge part of my life,” fashion designer Caroline Kaufman shares in a video profile shot for ART GIRL ARMY. “I’m really inspired by woman who are creative, who are excited to wear color, who have a sense of humor, and don’t take fashion seriously.”

The young fashion and textile designer uses clothing to tell stories and celebrate the artistry that comes alive through hand made designs. Born and raised in West Virginia, Caroline Kaufman currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She currently serves as a fellow for the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator where she produces a variety of bright, texture-rich garments for wear.

BAUCE has teamed up with producer Sydney Lowe of ART GIRL ARMY to showcase the work of diverse women creatives through the eyes of a camera. Check back monthly to follow this new video collaboration.

ART GIRL ARMY strives to create a safe space where Art Girls feel empowered, feel inspired and feel supported. ART GIRL ARMY hosts potluck community dinners once a month in the hopes of facilitating artistic collaboration, networking, workshopping new material, showcasing work, providing resources, making friends and sharing the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in the art world. To learn more about ART GIRL ARMY and how to join this special New York City community please visit their website.


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