I’m A Grown Woman And I’ll Do What I Want

Last week Beyonce cut her hair and the world went into a manic frenzy. (Or maybe she purchased a pixie wig. We all watched the Etta James movie. Who knows.)

“Who is going to be my Indian Remy Goddess now?”

“Her face looks funny!”

“I’m not used to Beyonce without her 12 feet weaves!” That’s whatthe  Twitterverse was bumping after the photo of Bey’s haircut went viral.

Beyonce shows off her new hair extensions in Miami

Yet stans stood by her side. “She’s a grown woman. She can do whatever she wants.” If she can, then why was there so much push back and knocking of Beyonce’s style?

Because haters are going to hate regardless. I give Bey props for doing her own. Shit she’s used to doing her own thing. Including venturing into embargoed countries and all. Yet I digress.

How can we ignore the fact that Beyonce is simply a replica of the everyday woman we all aspire to be? No, I don’t mean that we have an intrinsic desire to rock silk-lined blazers
and have diamond creamed facials (see what I did there?). Rather I mean that she possesses  the ability to stand up own her own and flaunt her womanhood. To live boldly and out loud, with no fear of what type of echo might come racketeering back at her.

Beyonce owns her shit.

And so should we.

You see, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Remember all those times when you got picked on in middle school about your forehead being too round or how large your glasses were? As we embrace our steps into womanhood, we begin to see how beautiful our anomalies are. How beautiful it is to be different rather than a cookie-cutter sister who looks like the rest? No, there is something radiant in loving our flaws and being willing enough to showcase them to the world.  Our one-of-a-kindness makes each of us very special. Why deny it to be part of the norm? To be conventional?

Like Beyonce, we shouldn’t be afraid to lose our shit and go postal with scissors (okay, that was more of a Britney Spears moment…) Whether it’s to make a statement (well, that’s what her stylist says) or just to stop sweating bullets during sex (long care will do it to you), how we chose to carry ourselves should not be dictated by others. Once we can shed the stress that grows from caring about what others think, we are able to open ourselves up to the aspect of living a more bold and free life. We should not be weighed down by the weight of the world’s concerns. We should stay steadfast to our own aspirations and live the life we choose. 

Because a week later Beyonce snatched that hair-do back under an asymmetrical bob wig. And she’s still getting likes on Instagram. Bam.

Whose going to check you, boo?

You’re a grown woman. Go out in the world and do what you want.

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