How Your Lifestyle Determines Your Wardrobe

We all know that environmental factors play a significant role in the types of clothes that people choose to wear. But the degree that lifestyle plays a role is also quite significant. 

What you do for a living and how you spend your free time affects the clothing and accessory choices you make. 

A lot of us have split personality wardrobes. On one side, we have black, grey, and navy blue clothes for work and sensible jewelry choices. And on the other, we have the clothes that we actually wear when we go on dates or hit the town with friends. The two sides of our wardrobes don’t communicate with each other at all. Combining workwear with party outfits is next to impossible, so we don’t bother. 

Messy Lifestyle, Messy Wardrobe

Most adults get into a groove of following a set lifestyle that doesn’t change all that much over time. We know what we like, and we follow our passions throughout our lives. 

But some people love novelty. One minute they’re scuba diving off the coast of Australia – the next, they’re playing pool until late in the evening at a pool club. 

The clothes required for both of these activities are very different from each other. Add half a dozen more hobbies to the mix, like hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and beekeeping, and all of a sudden, your wardrobe is a cluttered mess. 

Sure, if you have lots of space, that’s not a problem. But if you don’t, then you can quickly run out of room for your day-to-day wear. 

No Partying, No Dresses

While some of us love to wear dresses for the sake of it, parties are where we enjoy wearing them most. If you go to many parties, you have a lot of gowns – it’s that simple. 

Dresses usually comprise the lion’s share of your wardrobe because you so rarely need to throw them out. Over the years, they accumulate, one next to the other, until you barely have any space for your everyday blouses and tops. 

Late Nights And Piercings

If you’re a bit of a party animal, you’re much more likely to have piercings. It’s all part of the scene. 

That fact is reflected in your beauty box. You dedicate a substantial chunk of it to piercing jewelry. 

Furthermore, you’re continually looking for oral piercing online. You love staying up to date with the latest fashions and trends. 

Exercise Makes Your Wardrobe Sportier

The more exercise you do, the sportier your wardrobe becomes. Whenever you choose an item of clothing, you think about both the way it looks and how it will show off your assets at the gym or on Instagram. You have a lot of synthetic and brightly-colored garments alongside all your regular items. Plus, you’re not afraid to put on a sporty outfit even for sedentary social activities. It becomes part of your aesthetic. 

So can you see the evidence of your lifestyle in your wardrobe? Do any of the above scenarios apply to you? 

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