Make It Count: Using Amazon Customer Feedback To Grow Your Business

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Customer feedback is one of the most valuable features in the Amazon seller toolkit. When buyers rate their experience, it creates a score for the seller. Future buyers can judge the seller based on that score and other review information when making their purchase. 

Utilizing customer feedback is more than just hoping for a good review. It involves communication, organization, and a willingness to use reviews as a tool for growth. Keep reading to learn how to make feedback count!

How Amazon Customer Feedback Affects Sellers

If you have ever searched for a product on Amazon, you have seen star-rating for products and customer reviews. Data like this gives sellers a Total Feedback Rating. This rating captures buyer comments and the percentage of negative reviews. 

As a seller, the goal should be to have as close to a 0% negative feedback rate, but anything under 5% is acceptable. If the rate is higher than 5%, you should reassess customer relations and terms and conditions to focus on improving the score. 

Buyers can leave input using product ratings and reviews within 90 days of placing an order. After it posts, there is a 60-day window to remove it. After that, all feedback is permanent. 

Managing feedback can be overwhelming. Utilizing user reviews will include keeping track of this information, which you can do through platforms like Feedback whiz. You also can save on the cost of investing in this seller tool by looking for a Feedbackwhiz coupon

Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews 

There are two forms of valuable feedback on Amazon that may seem similar but are quite different:

Product Reviews

  • Reviews and ratings from a buyer on a product sold
  • Does not factor in seller and shipping performance
  • Works as social proof of product performance for customers
  • Important to optimize the listing and product performance to match the product
  • Looks at product performance

Seller Feedback 

  • Assists buyers in deciding to purchase based on the average review score rating
  • Influences a seller’s ability to secure the Buy Box
  • Factors in service and customer experience
  • Shipping and product packing is a significant factor
  • All about seller performance

Here, we focus on the seller performance side of Amazon feedback options.

Grow from Negative Feedback 

While negative reviews will impact your seller rating, they can be a growth point for your Amazon business. Keeping the negative feedback rate below 5% will be essential to deal with internally. 

You can combine negative reviews by re-assessing terms and conditions and general customer service habits to identify areas for revision. It will help grow your business and improve overall customer satisfaction. Remember that while it is negative, it is still valuable feedback. 

Respond to Feedback 

One way to use reviews is to build customer relations. If you respond to buyer input, even the negative kind, you can mitigate damages of unhappy customers. 

A brief and sincere apology should be a standard business practice to address issues and soothe an upset buyer. If customer satisfaction is an issue, review the feedback and practices to meet customer needs more efficiently.  

Remove Negative Comments 

While you cannot remove negative comments, the customer can. If you work with a customer to find a satisfactory solution, you can remedy the situation and turn a negative experience into a positive one. 

Sincere concern about customer satisfaction will speak volumes. Customer information is accessible through the Order ID section. It is best not to start by asking for removal but rather address their issue head-on and work towards that resolution.

Unwilling Customers 

Sometimes, a buyer may be unwilling to remedy a situation. The best move with an irrational customer is to leave a positive, professional, and sincere response with helpful information. 

Other customers will see you are willing to address problems even if not everyone works with you.

Bottom Line 

Customer feedback and product reviews are essential to identify areas of growth for your business. Keep on top of this information, especially on forward-facing customer reviews where the right response can change the outcome. 

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