Phone Photography 101: How To Take the Perfect Photo

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Does anyone remember a time when they didn’t have a phone on them to take a picture? Before smartphones were a thing, taking a perfect photo was a long process. You would have had to buy a fancy camera and get some high-tech computer to help edit your photos, but now (thankfully), things are a lot simpler, and anyone can take a perfect photo, with their phone.

Taking a photo has never been easier, thanks to our mobile devices. But it’s not just the fact that we can take a photo with our phone, but it’s also that they come with some great editing apps to help perfect your photo. People can now take high-quality photos and edit them without too much difficulty, all from the same device that we use to make calls. But obviously, there’s a bit more to taking the perfect photo, so let’s find out what needs to be done.

Put Some Thought Into Perspective

When it comes to taking a photo, then perspective is everything. This can have a massive impact on the composition of any photo. All you have to do is change the angle or distance from the place that you are taking the photo from. Doing this can completely change the look and meaning of your photo, so it’s well worth playing around with the different perspective to see how it can alter the photo you want to take.

The easiest way that you can play with perspective though, is to shoot the same subject from above and below. This can help change the viewpoint of the photo completely – it can make the person look incredibly tall, or if you take it from afar, it can make them look insignificant. Taking one from up close will make them look powerful and will fill the frame. So, play around with these perspectives and you’ll get some great photos.

Get a Great Photo Editing App

When it comes to taking great photos, often you never get quite the perfect shot straight away, which is why many people will make use of the best photo editing app to help them perfect their photo. An app can help to crop and touch up a photo that you have taken, some can also organise them into albums and slide shows as well.

Advanced photo editing was once limited to a person’s computer, but now thank to an impressive improvement in technology, you can capture high-quality photos on your phone and edit them directly on the same device. The best photo app will obviously depend on what phone you have (e.g. Android or iOS), but you will easily be able to find the right one for you. And once you have the perfect photo ready, you can always get it printed out at Personalized by Kate today.

Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone wishes that they could take the perfect photo straight away, but this sort of thing takes time. In order to take the perfect photo you need to practice. To help you with this, there are three exercises that you can use. First, go on a photo walk – go outside, you will find that you have a huge variety of things that you can use. Secondly, shoot one subject in 50 different ways – you’ll be surprised by how different each photo will come out.

And thirdly, take the alphabet challenge – you can do this indoors or outdoors. The purpose of this exercise is to shoot objects that either begin with the letter or look like the letter. This can be a fun exercise to help you practice your photography skills. You will surprise yourself by how many different photos you manage to take. Don’t forget that there is plenty of other things that you need to be think about as well though, things like what you should wear if you are involved in your photoshoot for example.

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